Become an Affiliate with the Vesica Institute

Do you have your own Website, Blog, Facebook page, or other online platform?

If so, you can apply to sign up as an Affiliate with the Vesica Institute.

You can then link to our courses from your webpage, and receive a paid commission when people purchase a course on the Vesica site after clicking your link.

This requires almost no technical skill on your part.

We provide you with pre­coded hypertext links, and also with beautiful color banners to put on your site, which act as links to specific locations on the Vesica website. These links and banners will be custom coded by us to credit your affiliate account when these links or banners are clicked and then a course sale results on the Vesica site.

If you are interested in becoming an Affiliate, please use the link below, and complete the affiliate application.

We will then review your application and get back to you soon regarding if you have been accepted, with full details on the program for those who are accepted.

Thanks for your interest in becoming an Affiliate with the Vesica Institute!

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