Amazing Images from Romania: Sacred Geometry & the Energy “Powerhouse” in Human Cells (Summer Conference Preview)

The Sacred Geometry of Energy Production in the Human Body

To give an example of Professor Kelemen’s remarkable work, we show below three of his hand-drawn illustrations showing the hidden energy patterns behind how the human body produces energy at the cellular level, through the “powerhouse” of the mitochondria.

The text below is written by Vesica Institute founder Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D., based on the original notes by Professor Kelemen.

First Illustration:
The Hidden Movement from Stem Cell to Specialized Cell.

Stages 0, 1, 2, show how the relaxed circular form of the Stem Cell moves dynamically to become a Specialized Cell, which become intensely crystallized and differentiated in stages 5, 6, and 7.

We see here the complete Sacred Geometry dynamic pattern of formative forces transforming the stem cell, which give rise to the creation of physical form and biological structures.

Note the creation of pockets (invagination) moving into the “Meander pattern” of the mitochondria at Stage 3 of this transformative process.

In the second illustration below, this Stage 3 is shown to be a foundation for the Vortex Energy Generation system used by the mitochondria to create energy in the human cells and the entire body.

This second illustration by Prof. Kelemen shows the body’s exquisite Vortex Energy Generation System in never before seen detail.

Note the complementary counter-rotating (clockwise and counter-clockwise spinning) Vortex pairs generating vital energy, shown in both 2-D and 3-D views from different angles.

This Vortex Energy Generation is circulated through the physical Meander pattern, which in turn amplifies the hydrogen ion pumps in the cell.

In the third illustration below, Professor Kelemen shows another remarkable aspect of the Mitochondria’s Sacred Geometry:

This illustration shows the “Prismatic” aspect of Mitochondria: Triangular Microtubes appearing in a “Flower of Life” geometry (the classic “6-around-the 1 in the center” pattern of physical creation).

Professor Kelemen believes that these Triangular Microtubes may act as “antennas” to receive energetic biological signals, in addition to their function as conduits for energy movement in the cell.  

Each Triangular Microtube has multiple counter-rotating (opposite spin direction) vortex pairs along its edges, as seen above; this shows again the essential power of the vortex in bringing vital energy into the body to be distributed through the cellular Sacred Geometry.

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We will be featuring insights on other presenters at the conference, in addition to another upcoming post on Prof. Kelemen’s work which will focus on his discovery of the vibrational pattern which gives rise to the human face and body.

That post will have both photographs and hand-drawn images by Prof. Kelemen of these energy patterns.

We leave you with one extract from that upcoming email; an actual photograph of a vibrational standing wave generating a human face, shown below:

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