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  • Cymatics: How Sound Vibrations Create Physical Structures

    In this article I discuss the background to what I consider the best all-around electronic healing device sold today. This is the field of Cymatics (the study of Wave Phenomena) which shows the powerful effect of specific Vibrations to structure and change physical matter. .

  • Cymatherapy: Healing with Sound Waves

    This article details the recent creation and release of the first Cymatherapy healing device to be made available to the general public, after 50 years of clinical use of this technology. This device -- which in my opinion is the best general electronic healing device on the market today -- is based

  • How to Test Any Healing Device or Vibrational Tool:

    Here at the Vesica Institute we are constantly asked about our opinion on different vibrational healing tools & devices. Today the market is flooded with vibrational devices, ranging from simple cards imprinted with vibrational information to complex electronic devices costing tens of thousands of dollars.

  • Foundations of a New Vibrational Science

    Tragically, modern materialistic science has left out a THIRD essential spectrum: that of Life Energy itself, the expression of Light as Life. This is the biological life-force which lives in human bodies, in plants, in all living beings; it is different from Electro-Magnetic energy. It is more "subtle", less dense

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