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The diversity of patterns and shapes in nature makes one wonder, are they there to break the monotony or do they have functional purposes? Nature holds many secrets that are yet to be revealed, scientists are every day discovering fascinating facts about nature and adaptation, and these facts existed and were functioning long before they were recognized by orthodox science.

Extensive research in this field, has shown that all patterns on the surface of plants, animals, insects and other living systems, form an integral part of the total energy system of that life form. This pattern is related to the peripheral energy flow on the surface of the body, which usually interacts with the environment to adapt the central energy system to external changes. The existence of a central and peripheral energy system in the body, is a fact that most alternative medical practices recognize and work with.

All objects interact with the energy of the earth to produce a certain energy field around them, and when two energy fields are in proximity they communicate and modify each other through the law of RESONANCE. Building on this energy interaction the science of BioSignatures® was developed. BioSignatures®, are linear diagrams that by virtue of their design properties directly balance the energy of body organs and their functions. Similar in concept to computer technology when activated by an electric current the function is determined by the design of the circuit even when reduced to a micro level.

Human-subtle-Energy-fieldsOne important property of the energy of Geometrical shapes (three dimensional or linear) is that it flows along linear objects of any type, material or shape. Wires, strings, pipe, and other linear objects can channel energy, that is why all shapes have a peripheral energy besides their main central energy. BioSignatures® on the other hand are activated by the body's peripheral energy channeled through these special shapes that simulate the electrical path of different functions of different body organs. The energy is conducted through the linear diagram (like electricity through wires or running water along the stream of a river bed.). The flow of energy through the patterns enters into resonance with the functions of the organ they represent as similar patterns at tune (much like the tuning of musical instruments) causing a harmonic amplification which restores the correct balance within the organ; this correction is instantaneous on the energy level. To manifest on the physical however it may take longer depending on the nature of the problem and the state of the organ concerned. If the signatures are not properly designed or not needed, they do not enter into resonance with the functional energy and produce no effect, thus there is no possibility of harmful side effects. By balancing the energy of the immune system, a general initial cleansing effect can be produced in some cases, before the final balance is achieved.

BGmedallion-1The BioSignatures® are used within the BioGeometrical Company's teaching and research departments, for the development and research. This is done under the supervision of the medical professionals, who are part of the research program. Many of the members are presently using this system in their private lives with success, as part of the research program. Large scale testing for statistical evaluation is currently undergoing in collaboration with scientific research institutions. For the energy balancing to support medical treatment of several problems; Hepatitis C, White blood cells low count, burns, etc, the cases are medically documented, with physicians' reports and laboratory tests.In order to keep BioSignatures® in the body's energy field to guarantee a continuous balancing effect, they are made into different types of jewelry that are basically dedicated to the reduction of harmful side effects of modern Technology. BioSignatures® should be used only as a support to medical treatment, and are in themselves not intended for treatment, whatever results the energy balance brings. No medication or any form of medical treatment should be stopped without doctors' orders.

The BioGeometrical Jewelry like anything else worn on the body can acquire electrostatic changes from surrounding materials or devices and should be knocked strongly on a hard surface or put on the BioGeometrical cleansing tray once a day to clear the charge in order for it to work properly.

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