BioGeometry, the Science of Balancing Living Systems: A Special Presentation with the First Public Release of Deeper Methods & Principles

Keynote Presentation of Waves of Health and Illness Conference Online Presentation

with Dr. Ibrahim Karim from Cairo Egypt,
Founder of BioGeometry™ &
Author of Back to a Future for Mankind.

We are absolutely delighted to have Dr. Ibrahim Karim from Cairo Egypt, to give the  Keynote presentation for our Waves of Health and Illness Conference Online Presentations!

He rarely gives public presentations in English at this time, so this is a great opportunity to learn the very latest insights from this master teacher and researcher.

Dr. Karim has notified us that he will be releasing important information in this Keynote presentation, which he has never before made public. 

For those of you who do not already know the work of this amazing scientist, we list below a few of his brilliant discoveries to give you a sense of how far-reaching and profound his work in BioGeometry™ truly is.

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Dr. Karim’s accomplishments in creating the new qualitative energy science of BioGeometry are deep and multi-faceted, having no parallel in any other body of work today. 

His knowledge extends from penetrating insights into the lost secrets of the Ancient Egyptian Energy Science, to breakthrough methods for harmonizing the destructive effects of the latest modern technology.

The specific accomplishments of Dr. Karim include:

* Identifying, and creating methods to detect & practically apply, the master harmonizing energy quality (the “BG3”) which balances and helps to restore equilibrium in all living systems.

Dr. Karim has demonstrated how the ancient symbol of a Point in the Center of a Circle, found in all classical traditions including Ancient Egypt, indicates this master harmonizing energy in the center (the original singularity, which is the unity beyond any polarity) and the spectrum of all polarized energy qualities (which creates the specific qualities of any physical manifestation) which manifests on the periphery of the circle.

Far more than an abstract philosophical concept, Dr. Karim has practically applied this energy science with amazing results around the world for over 45 years.

* Creating methods to “Humanize” modern technology to reduce its harm to living beings and the environment.  This includes methods to energy balance Electro-Magnetic Fields, not only  for home and office but also demonstrated to work at the level of an entire city (shown by Dr. Karim’s successful balancing of electro-sensitivity issues in 2 towns in Switzerland, Hemberg and Hirschberg).

* Identifying the vibrational qualities of, and creating unique methods to balance, the invisible energy grids running through the Earth and the Atmosphere.  The BioGeometry methods to detect & balance these core energy structures for the benefit of all living beings are unique to Dr. Karim’s work, and are not found in any other system today.

* Creating a system to practically detect on which plane of nature (including those beyond the physical) any phenomenon is taking place, and to precisely direct forces to that plane for energy balancing effects.  This breakthrough system has been extended to all the Sub-Planes of each plane, for extreme precision in energy quality measurement and application.

* Identifying the Toroidal geometric structure of time itself, and creating a method to balance the time “pulses” which are a deep source of balance or imbalance in all living systems.

* Identifying how Compression Waves construct the universe, and how these can be used for energy balancing living beings, locations, and the environment.

* Identifying the amazing energy patterns behind how all Higher Planes of Nature interact with the Physical Plane, through the Multi-Dimensional Waves model.

* Identifying hundreds of previously unknown energy circulation patterns which create major biological life functions in the human body, ie “BioSignatures”.
Dr. Karim has practically applied these patterns to balance the human energy field for decades, leading to his having the most successful results of all modalities tested in the government-run Egyptian National Hepatitis C Research Project.



For the last 20+ years, practical training in the amazing energy science of BioGeometry has only been available in small live courses.

In response to the global epidemic, Dr. Karim has now given permission for the BioGeometry Foundation Training to be held in a new online format!

Dr. Robert J. Gilbert, the founder of the Vesica Institute, was the first person outside of Egypt ever to be granted permission to teach BioGeometry by Dr. Karim.

Dr. Gilbert will be offering his first ever ONLINE BioGeometry Foundation Training in October 2020.

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