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Vesica Institute Blog

by Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D.

Awakening the Human "Blueprint of Destiny": Advanced Systems from China, India, and Europe

Awakening the Human

In the previous Blog post on the Rosicrucian Science of Karmic Biography, we introduced the process of reclaiming the knowledge of our true spiritual identity and purpose, at the level of Consciousness.

The other side of this process is at the level of Energy, which we will introduce in this Blog post.

Just as Shiva (ultimate Divine Consciousness) and Shakhti (ultimate Divine Energy) are described as the source of Creation in the Indian tradition, so the combination of Consciousness and Energy practices are understood in every great spiritual tradition as being essential to higher spiritual development.

When the individual human Spirit incarnates into the physical body, it does so through a sequence of energy patterns which develop in the human body.
These hidden Energy Patterns hold the secret of each person's "Blueprint of Destiny"; that person's unique spiritual karma, potential, and destiny.

For thousands of years, Great Spiritual Traditions have used these hidden patterns to create advanced healing applications as well as to tremendously accelerate spiritual development. In fact, it is these energy centers and circuits in our body which allow us to move from physical healing to core spiritual activation.

Practices with the "3 Treasures"

Through practices using what the Daoists of China call the "3 Treasures", we can directly access our true Spiritual Essence and Purpose which is encoded into these hidden energy patterns.

The "3 Treasures" are:

  • Jing (the vibrational basis of the physical substances of the body, accessed in some practices through fluids in the body)
  • Chi (vital life energy circulations of the body, accessed in some practices through the breath)
  • and Shen (the ability of the Mind to direct Spiritual power).

Other methods derived from the Indian and European Rosicrucian traditions are also vital for unlocking the content held within these energy centers of our body.

Key Energy Centers and Circulations

Here are a few of the hidden energy patterns in the human body, which can be unlocked to reveal our spiritual essence and purpose.

  • The Central Column: One of the greatest secrets of many Spiritual Traditions is the activation of the Central Column of Energy in the Human Body. This is the first energy pattern formed in the human body, at the moment the sperm penetrates the egg and begins to develop the fetus.
    From that moment a polarity is created in the egg which creates the central energy axis, which becomes the source of all other energy centers and circulations of the human body.
    This energy pattern is also known as the Column of Glory, the Column of Spirit, the Tai Ji pole, and other names. Clear information and practices regarding this key energy pattern are generally hard to find, as this was considered in many traditions to be one of their highest secret teachings.
  • The "First Ancestry": This is the term in the Daoist tradition for the first 3 energy circulations formed in the human body, which hold the key to our true individual spirit and to our genetic / bloodline physical inheritance. Within these three circulations are what the Daoists call our "Blueprint of Destiny", which encodes into our physical body the content of our true spiritual identity and purpose.
  • Makara Point: This is one of the secrets of the Indian Vedic Tradition, related to the multiple energy centers in the human head which are essential for higher spiritual awakening. This is connected also to the major topic of how Kundalini arises from the lower spine to activate the head centers properly.
    One of the great unrecognized epidemics in modern spiritual seekers is the "Diverted Rising" of Kundalini, whereby this energy goes into the wrong channels of the body. This can cause head pain and pressure, various major physical problems which mainstream medicine cannot recognize or diagnose, and many other issues. Although very hard to find solid information on today, the proper centers and channels for Kundalini Rising are in fact essential knowledge for every spiritual seeker -- along with the ability to recognize and correct Diverted Risings, which so many people suffer with today. There are also practices from the Daoist tradition which are of great help in dealing with issues of Diverted Rising, and are not found in the Indian tradition.

    In addition to those described above, there are also other vitally important energy centers and circulations known to particular Eastern or Western traditions, which can help us to access our true spiritual destiny.

The Blueprint of Destiny in the Vesica Institute Courses

The energy aspect of this spiritual awakening process has now been collected in the Vesica training Blueprint of Destiny, which integrates profound teachings from Chinese Daoism, the Indian Vedic tradition, and European Rosicrucianism.
Each of these traditions has mapped out the hidden Energy Centers and Pathways of the human body which hold the power to activate our full spiritual power, potential, and destiny.
At the time of this writing, this course will be offered publicly for the first time ever on February 18 - 20 in Los Altos, California. It is not certain if or when this course will be repeated.

The consciousness aspect of this spiritual awakening process was introduced in the previous blog post on The Rosicrucian Science of Karmic Biography. This material was last taught publicly by the Vesica Institute 7 years ago.

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