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by Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D.

Making Vibrations Visible: Cymatics & the Essence of Vibrational Medicine

Making Vibrations Visible: Cymatics & the Essence of Vibrational Medicine

Every classical tradition on Earth has based its healing methods on qualities of energy, not on the purely mechanical and physical approach of modern Western medicine. Western medical and governmental authorities today relegate classical energy­based approaches to a secondary status, calling them at best "alternative" or "complementary" medicine ­­ when in fact they have been the primary forms of healing throughout human history.

Today we often use the terms "Energy Medicine" or "Vibrational Medicine" to describe both classical systems (such as Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurveda) and modern holistic healing methods. In the Vesica online training The Universal Vibrational Spectrum (one part of our Vibrational Testing & Healing series) we show how there is a common basis behind every classical and modern system of Vibrational Medicine, which can be clearly understood through the Vibrational Spectrum discoveries of French researchers.

Western Medicine feels it is superior to all traditional energetic healing methods, partly because Western Allopathic medicine focuses on visible physical structures, whereas the vital energies focused on by traditional healing are by their very nature more subtle and not physically visible. One of the best demonstrations of the empirical existence, and real power, of these subtle energies is the field of Cymatics. Developed by Hans Jenny, a Swiss Medical Doctor, the term Cymatics is based on the Greek word Kyma meaning "Wave". Cymatics is technically the study of Wave Phenomena, including how these invisible energy waves create ­­ and can change ­­ all physical structures.

In Cymatics, a sound vibration is applied to a formable material (such as sand, liquids, oils, pastes, etc.) and the material immediately takes on a precise structure based on the sound vibration used; as soon as the sound vibration changes, you can see the material immediately transform into a completely different structure. This is important for several reasons:

1. Cymatics shows that these vibrational forces are PRIMARY powers which create matter and its structures, the exact opposite to the view of modern Western Medicine ;which relegates Vibrational Medicine to a secondary position as "complementary" therapies. In reality these vibrational forces (as was understood clearly in every classical tradition on the planet) are the source of physical structures; in other words, physical structures are the "crystallization" of these vibrations into matter. The primary power is held within Vibrational Medicine, not in modern Allopathic physical approaches which by definition deal with the symptoms and only the current physical structure; Western ;Medicine ignores the Vibrational forces which are truly causal and which create the physical structure in the first place. These Vibrational life energies are the true foundation of regeneration and healing.

2. Cymatics reveals the deeper energy science behind what we think of today as "Sacred Geometry". It shows the Vibrational forces which create the pattens in physical space which we think of as Shape, but which are actually revelations in form of divine patterns of Creation.

3. Cymatics demonstrates the principle of classical healing known as ;"Correspondences", in which a specific vibrational power can manifest through all types of different quality scales: in other words, a specific vibration can manifest in the scale of sight as a color, in the scale of hearing as a sound, it can manifest in space as a shape or an angle, etc. Cymatics clearly shows how a Sound can have the same Vibration as a Shape.sri yantra 300

This core principle in found in classical traditions such as India, where a specific "Yantra" shape is taught as having the exact same vibration as a matching "Mantra" sound; for example, the exact same vibration which creates the "seed syllable" sound of creation "OM" is said to manifest within shape as the Sri Yantra, shown below). This principle of Correspondences is also a part of the "Physics of Quality" which stands at the foundation of modern BioGeometry trainings, created by Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo Egypt.

Because of the great importance of Cymatics to show the real power & validity of Vibrational Medicine, I have written two introductory articles which are now available free on the Vesica website. The first article Cymatics: How Sound Vibrations create Physical Structures is an overview of the development of Cymatics and how it came to be applied for healing purposes. The second article Cymatherapy: Healing with Sound Waves focuses on the modern healing science of Cymatherapy, leading to the recent release of the first public Cymatherapy device for home use (which I review in the article).

This first public Cymatherapy device, the AMI 750 is now available from the Vesica Institute through a special arrangement with its developer.

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