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by Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D.

The Rosicrucian Science of Karmic Biography: Remembering our True Spiritual Identity & Destiny

The Rosicrucian Science of Karmic Biography: Remembering our True Spiritual Identity & Destiny

Ancient spiritual traditions knew that there is a major Spiritual Trial which every human being must overcome: our having had our memory of Who We Are, and Why We Are Here in our current physical incarnation, stripped away from us.

This stripping away of our Spiritual Identity and Purpose was known as the taking of the 'Draft of Forgetfulness' in our process of incarnating into a new body on Earth.
This forces us to be spiritually active, to achieve the taking of the 'Draft of Remembrance'.

This process was summarized in the original Rosicrucian tradition of Central Europe, through an important Spiritual Initiation saying:

In the Beginning was the Memory

This process of Waking Up, of reclaiming our true memory of our Spiritual Identity and Purpose -- while avoiding the many traps of "Glamour" and Illusion -- is still the foundation of higher spiritual development today. Unfortunately, many of the keys to the process have been obscured over the ages and are difficult to find in modern times.

The 2 Levels of the Karmic Biography Process

In the European Rosicrucian Tradition, this process of Awakening involves two levels of knowledge and practice.

The first is the Macrocosmic level, where we learn the keys to the 7 stage journey of incarnating into the Physical World which all human beings undergo.

The second is the Microcosmic level, where we illuminate our own unique life history -- our personal "Karmic Biography" -- and consciously reclaim our true memory of who we are, and for what purpose we chose to incarnate in our current lifetime.

These two levels merge into a new spiritual power within us: to see our current lifetime within the larger context of all of our physical incarnations, as one stage of an alchemical process which will -- if successful -- culminate in our achieving our unique spiritual destiny at the end of all of our human lifetimes.

Each lifetime has its unique gifts, as well as specific spiritual Trials which we must overcome in order to develop the new powers on which our final destiny depends.

Level 1: Remembering the Spiritual Journey to Incarnation

In the Western Spiritual Tradition, the 7 stage process of incarnating into the physical world was known as the "7 Heavenly Halls" journey.

These 7 spiritual gateways which we pass through were shown in the great Initiation document from Ancient Egypt, which is popularly known today as the "Egyptian Book of the Dead". Known to modern Egyptologists as the 'Papyrus of Ani', the true name of this document was "The Book of Coming Forth into Light".
In this document the Initiate Ani is shown approaching 7 gateways; in the illustration below taken from the original papyrus, we have divided the 7 Halls it depicts into two levels, to better fit the page.

egypt karmic 1

egypt karmic 2

As we discuss in the Vesica Institute trainings, this knowledge of the 7 Halls then went into the Jewish Kabbalah where it formed a basis for the "Hekhaloth" school.

In modern times, the concept of the "Merkabah" has become popularized in Western esotericism, but with major keys left out. It is important to understand that the original Merkabah (or "Merkava") tradition in the Kabbalah was in fact centered on the journey through the 7 Heavenly Halls in the "spiritual chariot" (i.e., the activated human subtle bodies) of the "Merkava Riders" (spiritual initiates). Unfortunately, the fragments popularized in modern times of the Merkabah have almost completely lost the original key knowledge of these 7 Heavenly Halls, which is essential for the true "Merkava journey".


The knowledge of the specific nature of each of the 7 Halls has most clearly been given in the European Rosicrucian teachings, which are sadly almost unknown to the Western metaphysical public today.

Level 2: Remembering our Personal Spiritual Identity and Purpose

The European Rosicrucians knew that the 7 Heavenly Halls journey was not only the macrocosmic journey taken by every human being into physical incarnation, it also held the pattern of the unfolding of each individual human being's spiritual destiny in every lifetime.

Each of the 7 spiritual gateways we pass through as we incarnate encodes specific karmic events, which will unfold at precise moments during our life on Earth. This is based on a series of 7-year cycles.

rosicrucian 7 years

Through examining the events of this lifetime within these 7 year cycles -- and with the assistance of specific Rosicrucian spiritual exercises -- we can illuminate and consciously remember our spiritual purpose and destiny.

The Karmic Biography Process in the Vesica Institute Courses

In the development of the Vesica Institute's courses, much of the core knowledge and practices of this Awakening process from the Rosicrucian tradition has been collected into the Karmic Biography training.

This training offers key insights into both the Macrocosmic and Microcosmic aspects of this process, including the teaching of the deep "7 Heavenly Halls" meditative experience -- which is not publicly available anywhere else today in this form.

Spiritual practices in general focus on the the twin poles of Consciousness and Energy, the "Shiva and Shakhti" of creation. This Karmic Biography class focuses on the Consciousness pole of our reconnection to our spiritual purpose and destiny.

The energy aspect of this same process is given in the Vesica training Blueprint of Destiny, which integrates profound teachings from Chinese Daoism, the Indian Vedic tradition, and European Rosicrucianism. Each of these traditions has mapped out the hidden Energy Centers and Pathways of the human body which hold the power to activate our full spiritual power, potential, and destiny.

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