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by Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D.

The Vibrational Science of Stones vs. the Modern Crystal Market

The Vibrational Science of Stones vs. the Modern Crystal Market

Crystals and Gemstones are the most stable source of Vibrational inputs for all types of Energy Medicine & Research, which is why they have been utilized by all major traditions over thousands of years. In the Ancient World, tremendous effort and expense were expended to obtain high quality stones from specific regions. These stones were used for wearing on the body, making vibrational elixirs, bringing needed vibrations into advanced spiritual practices, and for building sacred sites.

In modern times there is a very active interest in the vibrational use of stones, and many people are innately attracted to it. Unfortunately, much of the information available from popular sources today is of a fairly low quality ­­and some of it is simply wrong.

One major reason for the many errors found in modern metaphysical books about stones, is that most authors have no ability to actually test and identify the specific vibrations emanating from the minerals they describe ­­ nor any understanding of the actual functions of these vibrations, if they were able to identify them. Many books are based simply on the subjective perspective of the writer, or "channeled" material of varying quality.

This flood of questionable information about the vibrational uses of stones has real world consequences. I have seen literally over a hundred cases where people were using crystals in a way which they thought benefited their health, or protected them from harmful energies like electro­magnetic fields or toxic earth energy lines, when in fact the stones they were using were completely inappropriate for the job ­­ and in many cases the stones were completely saturated with toxic energies. It is all too common today to find that the stones which people think are beneficial to their health or spiritual development are actually energetically harmful; this harmful quality is often due to the stones being completely infused with toxic vibrations, and not having been properly cleared.

To compound the toxicity problem, the market for crystals has exploded over the last 30 ;years. On the positive side, this has made a wide variety of vibrational stones easier to find; but on the very serious downside, it brought a huge financial incentive into the market to artificially treat stones to improve their appearance ­­ or to pass them off as different type of more valuable stone. Today many crystals and gemstones are actually irradiated with radioactive gamma rays to change their appearance; this is in fact an accepted regular practice today in the market, and is rarely disclosed to potential buyers.

Although this treatment does not make these stones sources of gamma radiation in the conventional sense (i.e., they will not show as radioactive on a geiger counter), it does make the stones highly toxic on a vibrational subtle energy level. With any type of qualitative bio­energy testing (such as accurately done pulse diagnosis, kinesiology, vibrational radiesthesia etc.) you can easily observe the highly; weakening and harmful effects of having these gamma irradiated stones on your body or in your environment. Other types of artificial treatments also abound, such as artificial heating, dying, manufacturing, etc.

I developed the new online Vibrational Testing and Healing series so that effective methods of testing the vibrational quality of any item, and its effects on living beings, could be easily learned in order to ensure beneficial results.
I also created the How to Use Crystals and Gemstones online class to be an introduction to the real vibrational science of stones; there will be additional classes in this series in the near future, with insights into the vibrational qualities and applications of many more stones.

In future blog posts, I will discuss more aspects of the real vibrational science of stones, and other aspects of modern vibrational science.

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