Breakthrough Silver Masks Kill Pathogens on Contact

New Silverlon Medical Dressings Fabric – Available Now to the General Public in Mask Form


Slide72 Breakthrough Silver Masks Kill Pathogens on Contact Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

The Silverlon company is the leader in a new technology of Silver-infused medical dressings, which migrate silver into open wounds to kill all pathogens on contact.

Slide68 Breakthrough Silver Masks Kill Pathogens on Contact Vesica Institute for Holistic StudiesSilver kills viruses, bacteria, and other infectious organisms.  The Silverlon medical dressings have been proven to kill MRSA and other antibiotic resistent micro-organisms. 

At the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis in 2020, Silverlon was asked by a military representative to use this industry-leading Silver fabric technology (used by the military for battlefield wound dressings) to create the first Personal Protective Face Masks which kill pathogens on contact. 

Ordinary fabric masks only accumulate pathogens on their surface from the breathing process, they do nothing to kill the pathogens.

We had the same idea at the Vesica Institute for Silver Fabric Masks, and when we contacted Silverlon in the Spring of 2020 we found that they had already constructed a mask prototype for the military — but virtually no one in the public knew these existed, or what a major leap forward in mask technology these really are.

Slide69 Breakthrough Silver Masks Kill Pathogens on Contact Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

We have since that time worked to help inform our students, mailing list, and the greater holistic health community to the availability and importance of this new technology.

These are the only Masks we use at the Vesica Institute. 

They are of course more expensive than regular fabric masks, but we believe it to be absurd to choose to wear a fabric mask when these Silver masks – which actually work to kill pathogens — are available.

There is simply no comparision regarding the Silver mask’s effectiveness compared to the problematic use of regular fabric masks. 

These masks are not only essential during the Covid outbreak issue, their Silver technology works against the full range of dangerous airborne pathogens and micro-organisms of all kinds.

In exchange for our helping raise awareness of this new Silver mask technology, Silverlon was kind enough to offer us a discount code to share with our students and mailing list.

This discount code below will give you 20% off the regular mask price. Just put in the code:


into the box you will see on the checkout page on their website HERE


Here is a few other important facts about these Silver masks:

Slide70 Breakthrough Silver Masks Kill Pathogens on Contact Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

* The masks are washable, they remain effective up to 30 washes.  Use cold or warm water, not hot.

* After washing they can be used by different people.

*  The masks are pure Silverlon fabric (related to that used in Silverlon medical dressings). We find the masks have a better natural seal around the lower jaw than basic surgical masks. 

When worn, there may be a gap in the area to the side of the nose to the cheeks for some persons (based on face shape).  

If you need a tighter seal, we recommend using double-sided medical tape (you can find that on and elsewhere) to hold down the mask tighter to the sides of the nose.

* For those of you who have trained with us and know how to do Personal Wavelength testing, when you receive the mask we recommend putting your hand over the mask and testing the effect on your Personal Wavelength.  We find it is extremely strengthening for everyone we have tested so far!

For any other information, please see the Silverlon website that you will go to when you click the link; please do not contact Vesica for further information, we do not manufacture nor sell these items.


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