The Crystal “Adaptogen” for Recharging and Grounding

Iron Rose quartz flame

As described in our article New Research into Crystal “Adaptogens”, our research at the Vesica Institute has identified a new class of Master Energy Balancing Crystals.  These can be referred to as “Crystal Adaptogens” because they combine unusually high levels of the Centering Vibration* with specific Secondary Vibrations, giving each Crystal Adaptogen a universal harmonizing energy […]

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New Vibrational Research on Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper

Short Summary: Ocean Jasper is unique in being an “adaptogenic” energy balancing stone with an internal structure packed with naturally formed Orbs / Spheres. Traditions including Chinese Taoist, Indian Vedic, and European Rosicrucian teach the energetic principles behind the Spherical form of the internal Orbs; these include gathering, storing, and delivering vital energy, to help […]

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