Breakthrough Silver Masks Kill Pathogens on Contact

New Silverlon Medical Dressings Fabric – Available Now to the General Public in Mask Form   The Silverlon company is the leader in a new technology of Silver-infused medical dressings, which migrate silver into open wounds to kill all pathogens on contact. Silver kills viruses, bacteria, and other infectious organisms.  The Silverlon medical dressings have […]

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Minerals & Crystals for Times of Stress: Creating Vibrational Health, Stability & Empowerment

  An Online Class With Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D. Register now   This year our annual Vibrational Science of Minerals & Crystals class is going to be ONLINE for the first time! And we have chosen a new topic to meet the needs of so many of us right now:Minerals & Crystals for Times of Stress: Creating […]

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Evidence for Hidden Waves which create Health and Illness: Online Summer Conference preview with Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D.

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Friday July 17: Waves of Health & Illness: Key Discoveries & Practical Healing Applications Introduction to the online 2020 Vesica Conference & an Illustrated Overview of Rare Information with Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D., Director of the Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies. The online 2020 Summer Conference Waves of Health & Illness explores the emerging new […]

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BioGeometry, the Science of Balancing Living Systems: A Special Presentation with the First Public Release of Deeper Methods & Principles

Keynote Presentation of Waves of Health and Illness Conference Online Presentation with Dr. Ibrahim Karim from Cairo Egypt,Founder of BioGeometry™ &Author of Back to a Future for Mankind. We are absolutely delighted to have Dr. Ibrahim Karim from Cairo Egypt, to give the  Keynote presentation for our Waves of Health and Illness Conference Online Presentations! […]

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New Sound Healing Discoveries, Images, & Creating “Suprahuman” Experiences: Summer Conference Replay Preview with Cyma Technologies

We are delighted to welcome Mandara Cromwell as a presenter for our 2020 Summer Conference! She is the President of CymaTechnologies, which has now made available for home use the incredible technology pioneered by the late British Osteopath, Dr. Peter Guy Manners.  Dr. Manners advanced the Cymatics system of creating precise images of invisible waves […]

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