Voltage Healing- Latest Updates with Dr. Jerry Tennant, 4 Amazing Presentations at Online Summer Conference!

Learn the Secrets of Physical Regeneration from the Leading Researcher in the Fieldwith Dr. Jerry TennantVesica Online Summer Conference 2020 We are delighted to welcome Dr. Jerry Tennant, one of the foremost researchers in energetic healing in the world today and the author of the Healing is Voltage series of texts, to our online summer […]

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Creating the Human Face from Vibrational Waves: New Images from Romania

To add to the previous information we provided about the hidden patterns of energy production in the human body and the mitochondria and about Prof. Kelemen’s books and many samples of his illustrations, we are below providing an update on the availability of his rare books, and an overview of his amazing research into the […]

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The EVER Pendant: A New Vibrational Tool for Strengthening the Human Energy Field


What is the EVER Pendant? The name stands for Experimental Vibrational Energy Research (EVER) Pendant. It is the product of years of research based on creating a vibrational pattern which greatly amplifies the dynamic protective energy field around a person’s body.  This protective energy field is known to every classical tradition; for example it is […]

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How to Test Any Healing Device or Vibrational Tool:


Here at the Vesica Institute we are constantly asked about our opinion on different vibrational healing tools & devices. Today the market is flooded with vibrational devices, ranging from simple cards imprinted with vibrational information to complex electronic devices costing tens of thousands of dollars. Don’t spend that kind of money on a tool without […]

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