An Experimental Method to Clear the Lungs of Pathogens


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I wanted to share with you some information we are currently exploring at the Vesica Institute regarding the current COVID-19 outbreak.

This concerns an experimental method of clearing pathogens from the lungs using simple and inexpensive materials, which we believe deserves wider awareness as it is not being covered in mainstream media or medical practice.

Please note that we do NOT diagnose or treat any illness, so please do not contact us for more information regarding the methods described in the links: please use the links themselves to explore whatever is of interest and value to you,and make up your own mind regarding what you choose to pursue for your own health.

Do your own research, consult health professionals who actually have experience in the areas described, then of course you can make your own decisions and take responsibility for your own choices.

We hope these links and information are helpful for you, as we all find our way through the current challenges.

Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D. for the Vesica Institute

An experimental method to help clear the lungs of pathogens

by Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D.


I have done extensive research regarding oxygen therapies since the 1980’s, and have found these to be very important healing methods when properly applied.

Many of these oxygen therapies are in daily use by medical doctors around the world. However their very low cost — along with the fact that they cannot be patented, and many of their applications might replace profitable pharmaceuticals — has led to general lack of acceptance of their use by medical organizations and government regulatory bodies which have strong ties to the pharmaceutical industry.

In the U.S. these oxygen therapies are not a part of standard medical practice, and are used primarily in advanced holistic clinics. There is a growing movement among medical doctors who know these methods to be effective, to push for general acceptance of these methods in mainstream allopathic medicine and government regulatory agencies; one NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) devoted to this goal is Ozone Without Borders, with extensive resources available online for its members at

Oxygen therapies (technically “Bio-oxidative” therapies) primarily consist of the use of two key substances, both of which can contribute oxygen to living systems. The first substance is a liquid, Hydrogen Peroxide; the second substance is a gas, Ozone. This article will focus on a little-known application method regarding Hydrogen Peroxide, which is nebulizing it (in a diluted form) as a vapor directly into the Lungs.

In another article in the near future, we will address key methods within Ozone therapy.

The following is for information purposes only, I am not making any medical claims nor diagnosing nor treating any illness, and I am not a medical doctor.

I am only sharing with you some key research and a few of my own experiences.

I am not recommending any course of action for you; that is for you to decide and to take your own full responsibility for.

History of medical use of hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is essentially water (H2O) which has an added atom of oxygen, which it can then donate to help oxygenate other systems. H2O2 not only acts to increase oxygenation in living beings, it also acts environmentally to kill pathogens on contact.

Most sources which describe the benefits of H2O2 credit these effects to the oxygenation of the cells and entire body, which occurs when this substance breaks down into water (H2O) and liberates Oxygen to become bioavailable.

However it now appears that there is also another deeper process in play, based on the presentations of Dr. Charles Farr at the International Conference on Bio-Oxidative Medicine from 1989 – 1991.

Farr applied H2O2 intravenously, and in his research found that H2O2 activates enzyme systems throughout the body of humans and animals, leading to a number of biological reactions including:

  • Increase in Metabolic rate.
  • Dilation of small arteries, leading to increased blood flow and circulation (this would also potentially lead to higher availability of nutrients carried by the blood).
  • Raise body temperature.
  • Enhance the distribution and use of oxygen throughout the body.

Hydrogen Peroxide has been a fundamental material used for oxygen therapy for well over a hundred years, with oxygen therapy in general being researched internationally for medical use beginning around 1811.

The first recorded medical use of Hydrogen Peroxide itself in the United States was in 1888 by Dr. Cortelyou in Marietta Georgia, where he used H2O2 to treat illnesses of the sinuses and throat; he also reported using it to cure diphtheria (often fatal at that time) with the case resolved just 24 hours after application.

H2O2 was reported in the Lancetmedical journal by Doctors Oliver and Cantab in 1920 as having been used successfully by intravenous injection to treat pneumonia in soldiers of the Indian Army (at that time under British rule) which had a 80% mortality rate.

Medical textbooks of the time (based on insufficient information) stated that injection of H2O2 would likely be lethal because it would cause gas embolism in the body, so these doctors only gave the H2O2 intravenously to a group of 25 soldiers who were already given up as lost, with death imminent. Not only did the injected H2O2 not cause embolism, over half of the soldiers (who were given up for dead) that were injected survived.

Given that COVID-19 can create fatal lung complications as did the pneumonia treated in the Lancet article, this clearly indicates the potential of H2O2 as a possible treatment or support which should be studied further for COVID-19;however, as seems to happen to everything that is not actively promoted by pharmaceutical companies (H2O2 is inexpensive and cannot be patented) or the medical establishment, these life-saving lessons of the past are usually forgotten.

Major promotion of the use of H2O2 occurred through the work of Father Richard Willhelm, whose interest in Peroxide began in the 1940’s when he worked as a microbiologist at the Mayo Clinic. Father Willhelm founded ECHO, the Educational Concern for Hydrogen Peroxide. This organization showed successful use of H2O2 for a wide range of ailments, including Polio, Syphilis, and even for mental illness caused by bacterial infections.

ECHO website on hydrogen peroxide research

In the 1960’s a team of doctors from Baylor University began a major study of the medicinal use of H2O2. They demonstrated successful use in multiple studies, including ones for Cancer, removing plaque from hardened arteries, cardiac resuscitation after heart attacks, and more.

The Baylor researchers also proved that H2O2 dilutions could be applied into the lungs without harm.They had Rabbits inhale H2O2 mixed in saline solution; not only was there no harm from the inhalation of H2O2 in this method, they found major beneficial increases of oxygen in the blood from the nebulization (in fact, they found this H2O2 nebulization created oxygenation which was double the amount achieved from the average Hyperbaric Chamber treatment).

The Baylor findings were astonishing – and completely counter to predications made by mainstream medical authorities regarding the safety and efficacy of Hydrogen Peroxide therapy.

What was their reward?

A Nobel Prize, media coverage, major awards from the medical profession?

No. Their funding was cut, their project ended, and their research findings ignored.

For more information on the historical background of H2O2 therapy including a wealth of practical information, see the book Hydrogen Peroxide: Medical Miracle by William Campbell Douglas II, M.D., available here:

Hydrogen Peroxide – Medical Miracle (H2O2) – Paperback

Hydrogen Peroxide – Medical Miracle (H2O2) – Kindle Version

More recently, Dr. Mark Sircus has helped to popularize the method of nebulizing hydrogen peroxide. Below is an excerpt from his useful book Treatment Essentials: Practicing Natural Allopathic Medicine, which includes a statement from Dr. Frank Shallenberger (another modern popularizer of the nebulizing method):

Hydrogen peroxide has been used for decades to conquer viral infections by thousands of doctors in thousands of patients all over the world… Nebulization is a new way of administering hydrogen peroxide therapy that is almost as effective as the IV. And better than the IV method, this new treatment can be done at home and is very inexpensive.

Nebulized peroxide is an efficient route of getting this oxygen-utilizing catalyst into the body via the rich network of blood vessels in the lungs. This is not as strong a treatment as IV peroxide but it comes close. Caution: Do not mix your own peroxide; this can be dangerous. If you feel bad after the peroxide, with flu-like symptoms, headache, fever, diarrhea, fatigue, etc, this is too strong a catalytic stimulation with peroxide. Consult your physician before using peroxide in a nebulizer.

Dr. Shallenberger’s Testimony: When my wife developed the first symptoms of flu, instead of immediately plugging her into a hydrogen peroxide IV, I had her use the nebulizer for ten minutes every waking hour. Using the nebulizer treatment, she was able to get rid of the flu within 72 hours. I knew I was onto something, because IV hydrogen peroxide doesn’t work much better than that.

So I bought a dozen nebulizers and began offering the treatment to my patients. Since then I have treated hundreds of cases of colds, flus, sinusitis, and bronchitis all with the same great results.

And I found that the nebulizer treatments actually have an advantage over the IV therapy that I hadn’t considered at first. And that is, that not only is the hydrogen peroxide being disseminated into the entire body through the lungs, it is also going directly to the areas of the body that are most affected by viruses-the sinuses, throat, bronchial tract, and lungs.

Treatment Essentials: Practicing Natural Allopathic Medicine – Kindle Version

This has been only a very short introduction to the medical background of H2O2 therapy; there have been thousands of medical journal articles written about the power of H2O2 over the last 100 years, and many more from holistic health researchers. See the end of this article for more recommended texts.

Despite multiple studies showing successful medical applications, mainstream medical references in the United States not only do not give information on these studies, they in fact act as if they never even existed.

Mainstream medical authorities actively discourage use of H2O2, Ozone, and other oxygen therapies (aside from very basic applications such as the use of supplemental oxygen tanks for persons with impaired breathing capacity).

The website is a typical example of this, which states:

“Some advocates of food grade hydrogen peroxide for alternative health practices justify their position with the theory that disease is fueled by low levels of oxygen in the body.

Although there is no basis for this on scientific evidence, these advocates recommend food grade hydrogen peroxide – in an assortment of dilutions – for maladies including cancer, allergies, emphysema, AIDS, warts, lupus, arthritis, diabetes, and others. These remedies are not confirmed through medical studiesand should not be attempted at home.” (emphasis added)

There is no mention whatsoever on the website of even the existence of over a hundred years of medical reports confirming the power of H2O2.

The website goes on to state, without citing any dosage levels or method of delivery, that inhalation of H2O2 must be avoided because it can cause a variety of health issues and concludes by saying “If you have inhaled H2O2, contact your doctor..”

There is no mention of the Baylor study or any other evidence for the safety and efficacy of nebulized H2O2 under the proper protocols.

A Current Reference for Nebulization Of H2O2 For Covid-19

In the interest of full disclosure, my research into oxygen therapies led me to choose to use myself vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide at multiple times in the past. It was a major method I used in the 1980’s to overcome damage to my lungs from my time as a Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Defense Instructor in the U.S. Marine Corps in the 1980’s, by inhaling low doses of food grade Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) from a vaporizer. I found this to be extremely beneficial.

So I was interested to find a recent article published giving a specific treatment protocol for using nebulized Hydrogen Peroxide to support the lungs against issues related to Covid-19.

This article includes both a useful description and a dilution formula for nebulizing Hydrogen Peroxide in saline solution (note this is the same blend used by the Baylor University researchers which we described earlier, although this was not mentioned in the article).

The article is entitled “3 More Ways to Beat the Coronavirus”and was written by Steve Kroening, N.D. You can read the article here.

If you don’t have access to saline solution, instructions to make it (it is a very simple process) can be found online here.

For the percentage of food grade 3% hydrogen peroxide used in this method, the article by Dr. Kroening states that to a 100 cc bag of normal saline, add 5 cc of pharmaceutical grade 3% hydrogen peroxide.

In other words, this method dilutes the 3% peroxide to 1/20th of its original concentration; the resulting solution then gives a very low 0.15% concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the resulting solution to be nebulized.

Dr. Kroening also states that readers should have a doctor mix this solution for them (although the process is really very simple).

Note: rather than using the pharmaceutical grade Hydrogen Peroxide described in the article— which is what you find in the drugstore in brown bottles and which contains a range of stabilizer chemicals added to the H2O2 — it would be far more preferable to use Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide which is the purest H2O2 on the market and contains no added chemical stabilizers.

Also other grades of Hydrogen Peroxide such as Beautician Grade, Electronic Grade, Reagant Grade etc. should not be used, they may contain a range of added chemicals.

lungs 1 An Experimental Method to Clear the Lungs of Pathogens Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

An important consideration for this method is the use of a Nebulizer. Nebulizers allow material going into the lungs to be reduced to very small particle size, which is required to go into the small areas of the lower lungs (optimally less than 5 microns in size). Some of the least expensive and easiest to find units which can do this are sold under a variety of headings, including:

  • Mesh Nebulizer
  • Handheld Mini Atomizing Vaporizer
  • Portable Steam Lightweight Cool Mist Humidifier
  • Portable Handheld Vaporizer Machine

More advanced units (which are sometimes more expensive) offer an internal rechargeable battery so that the unit can be recharged and then used unplugged for a while off the rechargeable battery.

Note that the method described in the above article uses a “Cool Mist” method, not a “Warm Mist”; in other words, the nebulized materials are not heated in the technique described in the above article.

cc nebulizer An Experimental Method to Clear the Lungs of Pathogens Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

Some nebulizer units only have a tube, or a mouthpiece, and no mask; for this method it is more appropriate to have a model which comes with a mask that attaches to the unit, to make it easier to inhale through the nose as well as through the mouth.

Some models come with two masks, a smaller child size and a larger adult size. In reality, for practical purposes anyone could use either size, because the masks are just held to the face and not strapped on (because the aerosol stream coming out is quite strong and doesn’t require a tight seal to breath it in).

In any case, any nebulizer purchased should state directly in its promotional material that it makes particles of 5 microns or less for optimal efficacy in delivering small particles to the lower lung area.

If you are looking for a nebulizer of this kind for whatever purpose, you may be able to find one at a local pharmacy, however they seem to be sold out everywhere with the current Covid-19 situation.

As mentioned, the method in the Dr. Kroening article uses a very highly diluted (low concentration) of hydrogen peroxide, within a saline solution.

Saline solution is itself generally considered not harmful – although as noted earlier, nebulized hydrogen peroxide is not an approved standard practice in U.S. allopathic medicine.

For context, there are anecdotal stories from persons who used much more basic methods — and much higher potencies — of hydrogen peroxide, reporting it to have major benefits for them.

A well known example of this among oxygen therapy researchers in North America is that of Bill Munro, who began use of hydrogen peroxide into the lungs to help with his serious health issues when he was 67, and thereafter lived to be 90; for many years he helped to raise awareness of hydrogen peroxide methods through his website.

Munro’s website where he published his information no longer exists, however his statement on how he used hydrogen peroxide for his own cancer was included in the book How I Would Beat Cancer Now, which is available as an eBook on Amazon Kindle.

How I Would Beat Cancer Now – My Plan Kindle Edition by Don B. Well

The section of this book with Munro’s statement on hydrogen peroxide is also available online for free in almost its entirety, with the relevant excerpt from the book on Google Books here.

Munro used a very simple method of putting straight 3% hydrogen peroxide (with no further dilution nor use of saline solution as a buffer) from the drugstore (just standard pharmaceutical grade household peroxide, not the cleaner food grade) into a basic nasal spray pump (not a mesh nebulizer which reduces particle size for enhanced absorption into the lower lungs).

Please note that I am not recommending the Munro method, simply using it to contrast with the much more safe-sided method described in the Dr. Kroening article which uses hydrogen peroxide diluted to 0.15% within a buffer of saline solution and delivered in lower particle size by a nebulizer.

There are posts on Facebook and elsewhere of people still using the Munro method successfully; one post noted that they adjusted down the quantity from 3% of pharmaceutical grade to 0.5% of food grade which was more comfortable for them.

There has also appeared, shortly after I sent out an earlier draft of this article to the Vesica mailing list, another article by a Doctor advocating for the use of Hydrogen Peroxide as a COVID-19 therapy:

Hydrogen peroxide nebulizer to treat Covid-19 infection
Posted on March 21, 2020 by Richard Cheng M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Cheng’s article describes the same basic protocol of 3% drugstore hydrogen peroxide nebulized into the lungs as in the work of Bill Munro; the author however does not describe Munro’s work or other earlier uses of nebulized Hydrogen Peroxide such as the Baylor study, discussing only the later work of Charles Farr M.D. and Frank Shallenberger M.D. leading to current work by Thomas Levy M.D.

Because nebulized hydrogen peroxide is not a mainstream method, there is no single accepted dilution level of peroxide for nebulizing into the lungs; as noted in this article the range is from the very safe-sided 0.15% described in the Kroening article to the straight 3% used by Munro.

My own personal inclination is to start with the 0.15% of food grade hydrogen peroxide in saline solution, then increase the percentage of peroxide slightly as a person finds what is comfortable for them, but keeping it well under the 3% concentration.


I am writing this article now during the epidemic, because I personally believe this is a method worth revisiting — and which should be given clinical trials — during this time of COVID-19 which kills through creating lung infections; note that standard treatment currently does not have any effective remedies to vaporize into the lungs directly to kill the pathogen through direct contact.

This seems to me an odd oversight, similar to the situation I described in my earlier article “New Air Purification Technology”regarding the lack of use in hospitals, clinics, offices etc. of the new technologies which have been shown to create 99.99% viral kill on the surfaces in an area continuously during the day, while also sanitizing the air.

Note that this is different than air purifiers using UV lamps and other methods to sterilize air which is drawn into the units; the new technology described in the earlier article actually reaches out to surfaces in the room to sterilize them.

It appeared obvious to me that using these types of units should logically be an absolutely fundamental method to help keep areas sanitized during an epidemic – but few people know about this new technology, and it is not on the radar of the media, governments, or medical authorities during this critical time.

Many of the models of the units with this new technology are now sold out and on back order; however in my most recent phone call with the company to source units for my friends and colleagues, they informed me that there are a few of their models still available now (back-ordered items will be shipped in a few months). You can see these items and their current availability status at:

Returning to the topic of the need to have medicines which can be directly nebulized into the lungs to kill pathogens there on contact, it is remarkable to find that in modern veterinary practice it is accepted to use an aerosol of a colloidal silver preparation called EquiSilver Respiratory Solution to be nebulized directly into the lungs of a horse, dog, cat or other mammal to kill many types of infection in the lungs.

Why does this method, or one similar to it, not exist in standard allopathic care in the U.S. for humans, and is not being tested or evaluated in any way, when it is understood that the lungs of humans operate similarly to that of higher mammals for which this is an accepted treatment?

Why do dogs and cats and horses have their lives saved through nebulized medicine directly into the lungs, but there is nothing similar offered for human use?

To learn more about Equisilver Respiratory Solution through its listing on Amazon, here is a link: EquiSilver Respiratory Solution 16 oz

As a quick side note, historically a variant of Bill Munro’s method used by some people who followed his work was to vaporize a solution comprised of half 3% hydrogen peroxide (making it a 1.5% concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide) and the other half a colloidal silver liquid solution.

Also there is a very interesting section in a book described earlier in this article (and listed again below), where Dr. Mark Sircus lists multiple methods of nebulizing medicinal substances directly into the lungs; in addition to a brief discussion of hydrogen peroxide (from which the quote earlier in this article was extracted), he also describes nebulizing Iodine, Sodium Bicarbonate, Glutathione, and Magnesium Chloride.

Treatment Essentials: Practicing Natural Allopathic Medicine – Kindle Version

For myself, I can say that my own experience of using the method described in the article by Dr. Kroening — and the experience of multiple colleagues who have chosen to experiment with this method on themselves with varying low concentration levels of food grade peroxide — has been extremely positive (and again it should be noted that I have very sensitive and weak lungs, with lung issues stemming from the time of birth and then compounded by damage from inhaled caustic chemical agents during my time in the Marine Corps).

I am not prescribing this method for anyone else, simply stating my own experience in summary as follows:

I started with the O.15% concentration described in the Kroening article of food grade hydrogen peroxide in saline solution, delivered into my nose and mouth to the lungs through a mesh nebulizer (to give me the less than 5 micron particle size which is optimized to go into the lower lungs), then used vibrational testing methods on myself to check my lungs for strengthening or weakening effects of different H2O2 concentrations before using slightly higher concentrations of food grade hydrogen peroxide in saline solution via the nebulizer (but still using a much lower concentration than the full 3% used by Munro).

Food grade hydrogen peroxide is available at many health food stores, but at the time of this writing appears to be sold out in most locations due to the Covid-19 crisis.

A couple of options I found for it on Amazon ( note that if you purchase 12% or 35% hydrogen peroxide, it of course must be diluted further to create the 3% solution as the base for further dilution, such as creating the 0.15% described in the article by Kroening):

12% Hydrogen Peroxide Food Grade – 8 oz with 2 Blue Cobalt Bottle Droppers

Once again this is not medical advice, this is simply for information purposes and to share my own personal experience.

You should not undertake any type of non-standard health method without fully understanding the method, following the safest possible protocols, seeking information when possible from medical professionals who have direct experience using the methods described, and being willing to take full responsibility yourself for whatever you choose to do with your own body.

Also classical qualitative energetic testing methods, such as pulse diagnosis, educational kinesiology, and vibrational radiesthesia, might in addition be used to test possible beneficial or harmful reactions a person might have before physically applying any healing method.

We hope this information has been of interest for you.

As noted earlier, please do not contact the Vesica Institute for any further information on the content of this article, we do not diagnose any illness nor do we prescribe any treatments.

For more info, please check the wealth of information on oxygen therapies available online and in books written by medical professionals (particularly those based on the practical, real-world use of oxygen therapies in holistic clinics in the U.S., in mainstream practice in Germany, and elsewhere around the world).

Here are a few recommended titles for further research, with Amazon links (many are available as Kindle books for download, so that you can start studying them immediately if you prefer, in addition to their being available in physical book form):

Flood Your Body With Oxygen: Therapy For Our Polluted World – Paperback

Flood Your Body With Oxygen: Therapy For Our Polluted World – Kindle Version

The Ozone Miracle: How you can harness the power of oxygen to keep you and your family healthy – Paperback

The Ozone Miracle: How you can harness the power of oxygen to keep you and your family healthy – Kindle Version

Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy: Your Complete Guide to Understanding and Using Natural Oxygen Therapy – Paperback

Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy: Your Complete Guide to Understanding and Using Natural Oxygen Therapy – Kindle Version