BG-EHS Applied Skills Workshop 2 Review

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Asheville NC: May 17 - 20, 2018

With Sayed Karim

This workshop is only for those who will be staying for the BG-EHS Licensed Independent Associate Practitioner Training

Students must provide their instructor's name, location of training, and date of completion of their BG Advanced Training to be accepted into this course.

Sayed is the Director of the BioGeometry EHS Practitioner Licensing Program, and he is the son of BioGeometry Founder Dr. Ibrahim Karim.

Sayed is one of the world's most skilled and experienced BioGeometers. His tremendous knowledge, decades of practical applications, and penetrating perception of energy fields (including what is needed for optimal fine-tuning in energy balancing) makes him a rare resource for new and profound insights.

Sayed only teaches small groups, to ensure personalized instruction and a focus on hands-on practices at his events. Only 25 students maximum will be accepted into this four-day workshop.

In the workshop you will be taught how to enhance your knowledge and abilities in practical energy balancing methods. You will develop practical skills and new insights; you will learn how to better utilize BG3 centers and be introduced to a spectrum of powerspot solutions to suite every space. You will be taught gridlines mapping solutions, with new movements / footwork for enhanced gridlines mapping and more…

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