Kabamba Jasper (Ancient Fossilized Algae) Rectangular Necklace Strand

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These strands of Rectangular Kabamba Jasper offer 10 - 12 Rectangles of this wonderful stone per strand.  Each Rectangle is roughly 1.4" X 1" in size.  We prefer in many cases just this kind of long, flat, rectangular form of stones for wearing, as it provides a wide surface area for maximum energetic effect.  As is standard in the stone market today, each of these strands has a plastic string running through each stone; it is intended that the buyer will remove the stones from the plastic string and use the cord of their choice to create their own neckalce.  Note that it is common that some of these Rectangular pieces arrive from Madagascar with slightly chipped corners; we guarantee at least 8 rectangles in each strand have unchipped corners to use for wearing as a necklace.  Pieces with small chips out are excellent to keep separate for use in Gem Elixirs,  or for placing on the body / carrying in the pocket / using in Crystal Grids.  

Each strand roughly 4 oz., roughly 16.5" long and 1" wide with very little depth (less than a quarter inch).

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