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Amethyst, Spirit Quartz, Pentas, True Botanica

* Amethyst Pentas: this is made from the special South African form of Amethyst "Spirit Quartz" which has points all over its surface (seen to the left).
The energy projections from all of these terminated points, streaming in every direction, are understood in esoteric circles to support what classical Theosophical texts call the "Health Aura" (seen to the right), the rays of energy which radiate in every direction from the healthy human body. This creates a natural "energy shield" protecting a person, which is related to the "Wei Chi" (Protective Energy) layer of the body described in Daoist Chinese Medicine.
Amethyst was described by Rudolf Steiner as being related to healing cognitive issues. This would indicate the possibility of the projections from the Amethyst Spirit Quartz being especially potent in supporting the energy radiations / health aura around the human head, empowering the clarity and strength of thinking forces.

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