Creating the Human Face from Vibrational Waves: New Images from Romania

To add to the previous information we provided about the hidden patterns of energy production in the human body and the mitochondria, below we provide an overview of Professor Gabriel Kelemen’s research into the vibrational standing waves which create the human face.


One of the most remarkable and startling breakthroughs in Prof. Kelemen’s work has been his discovery of the Sacred Geometry core patterns behind the human face, and his ability to then physically generate a standing wave pattern which creates the pattern of a human face — and to then photograph it in various stages of development. 

Many of these pictures of the creation of the human face from the vibrational matrix, and the generation of the head and body as well, are from Prof. Kelemen’s book The Universal Sphere-Vortex Principle. 

Dr. Robert J. Gilbert has collected multiple hand-drawn illustrations as well as photographs by Prof. Kelemen which show the keys to the Sacred Geometry of the Human Face.

Please see below for these illustrations along with short notes written by Dr. Gilbert.


The primal form of creation, known to all classical Sacred Geometry traditions is the Sphere. 

The Sphere form is the primal container within which all Creation manifests, where the Center (which is literally our connection point to the original Unified Field, i.e. the Divine source, and which in Physics is termed the “Singularity”) radiates out a Spherical Boundary to begin the Creation process.

This first hand-drawn illustration by Prof. Kelemen below shows the initial stages of development of the Sphere into dynamic movement, creating counter-rotating vortices of energy and the central channel which together manifest the key Sacred Geometry form of the Torus.

In this powerful first illustration, Prof. Kelemen shows both exterior and interior pathways of generating the Torus from the Sphere. 

In this next illustration, Prof. Kelemen shows the application of this core pattern of Sphere into Counter-rotating Vortices into Torus to generating the core pattern of the human face.

The third illustration below shows the development of these core energy patterns into not just the face, but the entire human head and body.

Prof. Kelemen was then able in physical experiments to generate the human face out of a standing wave.

The photographs below show the stages of creating the human face pattern out of vibrational inputs into a dense liquid.

The first two photos show the beginning stage of generating either a Human face or a Feline face based on the vibrational inputs put into the experiment.

Note the increasing details appearing in the face up to the final stage photograph.

In the last image below, Prof. Kelemen shows this final stage photograph in his book The Universal Sphere-Vortex Principle.

We welcome Professor Kelemen to the Vesica Institute Waves of Health and Illness Conference Online Presentation, where he gave a very rare detailed description in English of many of his most remarkable discoveries & illustrations.



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