Aquamarine Gem Quality

aquamarine family 220Nearly all Aquamarine on the market today is artificially treated; Heating is the most common, but stones are also Irradiated, oiled, and/or treated with resins.

It is quite difficult to find transparent gem quality Aquamarine which is completely untreated and suitable for vibrational applications.

Aquamarine is a key longevity stone in Daoist Stone Healing, used to consolidate the Jing (core Life Energy), and for many purposes of beneficial internal transformation and stabilization.

It is a highly alchemical stone, which has even been featured in modern scientific research for having aspects of the water molecule inside it which defy the laws of standard physics, by not being restricted to one physical location but is in six locations at once. See Quantum Tunneling of Water in Beryl: A New State of the Water Molecule which appeared in Physics Review Letters.

After much searching, we have secured a small number of excellent, all-natural, transparent Aquamarine from Brazil (from an old stock a dealer had put away for decades, before the current mass treatments took over the market.)

These stones are excellent for use on the body, or for creating powerful gem elixirs.

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