Untreated Ethiopian Emerald

emerald 2Emerald is one of the most important gems used for vibrational purposes around the world.

It was one of the stones in the Breastplate of Aaron, worn by the High Priest in the Temple of Solomon; it is one of the stones listed in the Book of Revelation as a Foundation of the New Jerusalem; and it is one of the 9 essential stones in the Indian Vedic Tradition, being used specifically to connect to the profound healing & consciousness activating powers of the planet Mercury.

In Chinese Daoist Stone Healing, Emerald is used to strengthen life energy to assist persons in recovering from illness; it is also used for detoxification and for deep levels of spiritual activation.

Unfortunately, today most Emeralds on the market today are given a range of artificial treatments; completely untreated Emeralds in transparent gem quality are extremely difficult to find.

After a long search, we were able to purchase a small number of untreated Emeralds from Ethiopia, which have excellent vibrational powers. These were purchased by a dealer who waited right outside the Ethiopian mine to take them before they received their usual treatments.

We have received many positive (and excited) reports from our students who have used these Ethiopian Emeralds in their gem elixirs and on the body. Supply is very limited!

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