BG Energy Balancing tools (Home Kit 2)

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The BioGeometry Home Energy-Balancing Kit was developed and tested as an individual home solution, to be used to reduce the symptoms suffered from environmental stress.

The 3 cube home kit is for an area of 2153 sq. ft or less and for electro-sensitive persons.

The 3 Cube Home Energy Balancing Kit includes the following:
3 x Home Energy-Balancing Cube
7 x Electricity Attachments (labeled with an E)
2 x Water Attachments (labeled with a W)
3 x BioGeometry Clearing Tray

Disclaimer: No Medical claims are made nor implied. User assumes all responsibility for their exploration of information or materials. Information reflects historical usage and concepts from different world healing traditions, many of which are not recognized or supported by modern Western Medicine. Vibrational Testing and all Vibrational Healing concepts, whether traditional or contemporary, are to be considered experimental holistic approaches and are not considered valid by modern Western Medicine. All information and products are for personal exploration only, and are not intended for diagnosing nor treating any disease.

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