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Cell Phone Energy Balancing Chip (for EMF protection)


The BioGeometry Cell Phone Energy Balancing Chip Set was developed by Dr. Ibrahim Karim in Cairo Egypt, based on his research into the effects of geometric patterns on living energy fields. The cell phone chip set works by balancing the user’s own energy body against detrimental effects from using the mobile phone. The principles and deeper applications of BioGeometry are explained in detail in the BioGeometry Foundation Training. 

There are two components to the BioGeometry cell phone chip set, both of which can be attached directly to the mobile phone by peeling off the protective sheet on the back of the forms to expose their adhesive backing. 

1. The “L” sticker creates a beneficial energy field to transmute the detrimental energy from the cell phone antenna. In addition to this beneficial energy field (known to BioGeometry students as the “BG3”, which are three different energy balancing qualities which work together) the angle on the L sticker helps to tune the form for optimal transmutation of electro-magnetic fields. Place the L sticker on the back of the cell phone as close to the antenna as possible. 

2. The BioSignature chip has two patterns on it, which help to balance the energy entering the head when using the cell phone. (BioSignatures are linear energy patterns, many of which are two-dimensional representations of vital energy flow patterns in the human energy body.) Place the BioSignature chip on the back of the cell phone directly over the battery. 

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