Evidence for Hidden Waves which create Health and Illness: Online Summer Conference preview with Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D.

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Friday July 17:

Waves of Health & Illness: Key Discoveries & Practical Healing Applications

Introduction to the online 2020 Vesica Conference & an Illustrated Overview of Rare Information with Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D., Director of the Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies.

The online 2020 Summer Conference Waves of Health & Illness explores the emerging new healing paradigm of supporting the vibrational basis of life itself, based in the dynamic wave transmission of energetic qualities which can amplify either vibrant health or degenerative disease.

Known to ancient cultures but forgotten by most in the modern world – and actively suppressed by modern medical authorities  – the wave foundation of life and health is essential for transforming our understanding of the true roots of healing.

We are using the term “Wave” completely literally, as the energetic transmission of vital forces, not as the metaphorical “wave” of illnesses which go through sequential peaks of virulence (for instance, common media descriptions of the “second wave” of an epidemic outbreak).

In the first presentation for the online Summer Conference, Vesica Institute Founder Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D. provides an intense, deeply probing overview of the evidence for this new healing paradigm based on measuring, applying, and transmuting these powerful invisible waves which affect all life on Earth.

This presentation establishes the foundation for the conference and the many amazing presenters which follow.

Unlike conferences which give presenters only short time slots, where they are unable to get into the details of their topic, this conference offers extended time for in-depth presentations.  Dr. Gilbert’s presentation is just under a full four hours of fascinating, fast-paced information.

Just a few of the topics covered
in this breakthrough presentation:

* How modern medicine ignores the Wave-Particle duality findings of modern physics, focusing only on the “particle” of physical germs and ignoring the “waves” of energy which stand behind all physical matter and states of health.

* How Alexander Gurwitsch in Russia created the foundation for understanding the existence of purely wave-transmitted diseases – with no presence of a physical germ “particle” needed.

* Moving beyond the false dichotomy of “Germ” vs. “Biological Terrain” theories for a new synthesis based on the “collapse of the wave function” to understand the totality of all illness transmission.

* The 3 key types of toxic sources which can resonate together to transmit waves of illness – and even mutate physical organisms into pathogens.

* German research into radiation fragments in water (and why chemical water purification doesn’t help)

* The “Information Model” of EMF which shows the dangerous reality of modern electro-magnetic fields, which is ignored and suppressed by government and industry.

* The 7 Steps used by industry to stop any meaningful legislation regarding health effects of EMF.

* Research into the link between new EMF technologies and specific illness outbreaks.

* The reality of energetic transmission and acceleration of disease states: changing the dialogue on radiation and illness.

* Key concepts of Subtle Energy Waves.

* The reality of Vibrational Spectrum Analysis, moving beyond physical and EMF spectrum analysis into the new Paradigm of Waves of Health and Illness.

* New research into combining Scalar and EMF waves for therapeutic applications.

* The breakthrough “Multi-Dimensional Wave Model” from Dr. Ibrahim Karim in Cairo.

* The Spherical Standing Wave model of Electrons, EMF waves, and Sound Waves.

* Overview of how the hand-picked presenters for this conference each provide an essential key to understanding and practically applying this new paradigm.

And much more!

A few slides from this presentation:

NOTE: These are only 12 slides, from the complete presentation which contains over 125 slides with extensive verbal commentary.

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