Strength Builder

Real strength comes from the Three Treasures. These are the fundamental energies of life. All strength is rooted in Jing, the primal energy of life. When Jing is abundant, the body has the root power it needs to work and play vigorously and to live a long, successful life. Any formula or herbal program designed to build “strength” must help build Jing. Jing is divided into Yin Jing and Yang Jing. Yin Jing is the basic fuel of life. Yang Jing is the raw power of life. Together, they generate strength. There are a number of very effective herbs that tonify (rebuild and maintain) Jing in the human body. These are known as Jing tonic herbs. When combined, they formidably build Jing within the body.

Strength Builder is designed to build and preserve Jing. It supports the production and maintenance of Kidney Yin and Yang. It is a potent formulation designed to provide herbal nutrients for athletes and other highly active individuals. This formula may be used by those wishing to increase athletic and/or sexual power, and by those interested in becoming generally more vital. It is suitable for those who wish to maintain an active lifestyle. Strength Builder can be used to strengthen the skeletal and muscular systems and is particularly useful as a tonic for those who use both their brains and their brawn to succeed.*

Strength Builder is a powerful Jing tonic. It contains powerful Yang herbs (Morinda and Eucommia) and it is a very powerful Yin tonic as well (He Shou Wu, Goji, Ligustrum and Cornus). When these herbs are combined and consumed together, the body will accumulate and store Jing.

Qi is the energy in our body that is derived from eating (nutrition) and breathing. It is our day to day energy – our vitality. Qi tonics strengthen our assimilation and our respiration so that we can make Qi and use it in our body. Qi tonics are valuable because they build immediate and lasting strength.

Strength Builder contains three excellent Qi tonics – Astragalus, Dioscorea and Licorice. These Qi tonics have been consumed for millennia for the purpose of enhancing strength, a fundamental characteristic that plays a pivotal role in survival, success and flourishing. The Qi tonics in Strength Builder have been chosen because they support the production of Jing-based strength. They also contribute to the assimilation of the rich Jing herbs contained in this formula.

Strength Builder has one more important component. It has a super-potent blood tonic section – Goji, Astragalus, He Shou Wu and White Peony. When these four herbs are combined, the body will produce more fresh blood, which enhances all the functions of the body and mind.

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