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Introduction to Class 2

Class 2 Teachings

Class 2 Teachings build on the introduction given in Class One, providing the next essential building blocks for understanding a Modern Spiritual Science:

  • The Special Significance of the Indian Vedic and the European Rosicrucian Systems.
  • The Spiritual Structure of the Human Being Part 1: Eastern and Western Systems of the Subtle Bodies (“Sheaths” for the Spirit Core of the Human Being.)
  • The Spiritual Structure of the Human Being Part 2: The Precise Locations Where the Subtle Bodies are Anchored into the Physical Body (the locations used to activate Energy, Skills, and Higher Consciousness in Initiation.)

The Practices Section

Provides the background to the Exercises for Class Two:

  • Six Key Principles of Spiritual Practices
  • Self-Observation: Awakening our Spirit Core
  • Checking-In: Your Experiences with the Class One Exercises
  • Basic Receptive and Active Exercises for Class Two
  • Rudolf Steiner’s “Second Basic Exercise”
  • Our Second Essential Exercise: Illuminating Our Will Power
  • The Enlightened Will: Balancing Detachment and Action

The Step by Step Practices Instruction

Leads you through the actual exercises for this class. 
These step by step instructions are in a downloadable mp3 audio file, for you to listen to for guidance as your first learn these practices.

We hope you enjoy this Class!


Robert J. Gilbert


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