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Introduction to Class 3

Teachings Section

  • The Meanings of “Initiation.”
  • Unrealistic Ideas regarding “Initiates.”
  • Left and Right Hand Paths of Initiation.
  • Yin and Yang Forms of Initiation Teaching and Transmissions.
  • Initiation Systems 1: Indian Traditions (Classical Yoga School, Different Yoga Branches, Kriya Yoga and Babaji Tradition Details)
  • Initiation Systems 2: European Traditions (Stages of Classical Initiation, Holy Grail Tradition Initiation, Traditional Christian Initiation, Rosicrucian Initiation including details of Steiner’s Esoteric School, and the Greek Christian Hermetic Schools of Cyprus.)

The Practices Section

Provides the background to the Exercises for Class Three, including:

  • Review: 12 Basic Principles of Spiritual Practices
  • Checking-In: Your Experiences of the Class 2 Meditations
  • Basic Receptive and Active Exercises for Class Three
  • Rudolf Steiner’s “Third Basic Exercise”: Control of Feeling
  • Our Third Essential Exercise: Illuminating Our Feelings

The Step by Step Practices Instruction

Leads you through the actual exercises for this class. 
These step by step instructions are in a downloadable mp3 audio file, for you to listen to for guidance as your first learn these practices.
We hope you enjoy this Class!


Robert J. Gilbert

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