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Introduction to Class 5

Welcome to our Fifth and Final Class of this Online Course!  This final class is packed with rare information and new practices.

The Class Five Teachings

  • Discovering Your Unique Energetic Structuring
  • Terms for Initiates with Different Types of Subtle Body Structuring
  • The Natural Master Method to Awaken Any Spiritual Center
  • Three Key Approaches to Remove Energetic Blockages
  • Three Different Types of Spiritual Groups<
  • Strengths and Weaknesses of Consciousness-Based andnergy-Based Systems
  • The “Guru” and “Teacher / Spiritual Friend” Models of Spiritual Leadership
  • “Purification in Place” vs. the Prodigal Son (and Daughter)
  • The Spirit of the Age
  • Common Pitfalls on the Path

The Practices Section

Provides the background to the Exercises for Class Five, including:

  • Checking-In: Your Experiences from the Class 4 Meditations
  • Basic Receptive and Active Practices for Class 5
  • Rudolf Steiner’s “Fifth Basic Exercise”:  Openness
  • Rudolf Steiner’s “Sixth Basic Exercise”:  Harmony of Soul
  • Details of our Fifth Essential Exercise:  Openness & New Perspectives
  • Details of our Sixth Essential Exercise:  Harmonizing our Soul Life

The Step by Step Practices Instruction

Leads you through the actual exercises for this class. These step by step instructions are in a downloadable mp3 audio file, for you to listen to for guidance as your first learn these practices.

We hope you enjoy this Class!


Robert J. Gilbert

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