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Introduction to Class 2

Hello Friends,

Here is the first class in our Online BG Advanced Training Skills Development Course!

As with the BG FT Online course, this AT Online course offers far more than we initially advertised.

This first class features over 10 hours of streaming video (with downloadable MP3 audio tracks) and a downloadable handout of over 170 pages (most of it newly written especially for this online course.)

Particularly the sections on the the Dial-Based tools and the Human Archetype Ruler are significantly expanded, with many Step-By-Step instructions for specific applications.

Topics covered in Class 1 include:

  • The Forming Process of Waves

  •  Practical Application of Dial-Based Tools (BG Dial, BG Stand with Dial, BG Earth Scepter, and the Hemberg Emitter)

  •  Analysis of Natural Systems and Earth Energies

  •  Use of Two Types of Modified Turenne Rulers

  •  Principles and Practical Applications of the Human Archetype Ruler (very extensive!)
 Practicums to Develop Skill in Applying all Tools and Techniques taught in this Class

We hope you enjoy this class, and that it significantly increases your skills in practically applying BioGeometry to help yourself and others!


The Staff of the Vesica Institute

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