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Introduction to Class 3

Hello Friends,

Here is the third and final class in our Online BG Advanced Training Skills Development Course!

This class is devoted to Advanced BioGeometry Design principles and applications.

The practicum for this class is particularly extensive, so we have posted separate Handouts for the main Instructional part of the Class and for the Practicum section.

The main Instructional part of this Class is on 4 streaming videos (with 4 downloadable MP3 audio files) and a downloadable handout of over 100 pages.

The Practicum is on 2 streaming videos (with 2 downloadable MP3 audio files) and a downloadable handout of over 50 pages.
Topics covered in Class 3 include:

  • The Forming Process of Design

  • Archemy: Architectural Alchemy
  • Criteria and Variables of the Forming Process in Architecture

  • The Energy Key in Design and in Energy Balancing

  • Step by Step Process to Analyze, Energy Balance, and Build on a Land Location

  • Testing Energy Qualities from a Plan
  • Developing Skills for Remote Testing and Energy Balancing
  • BioGeometry Modular Design System
  • New BioGeometry Advanced Training Design Principles
  • Short Summary of BioGeometry Design Principles
  • Creating 3-Dimensional BG3 Grids: Connecting Heaven and Earth through BioGeometrical Design
  • How to Explain BioGeometry to Other People
  • After the BG AT: The Next Steps in BioGeometry

Our sincere thanks for your support for this class! We hope that it has helped you expand your knowledge and your skills in practically applying BioGeometry in your Life.


The Staff of the Vesica Institute

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