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Introduction to Class 2

Hello Friends,

All of the resources for Class 2 of our online BG AT Skills Development course are available below.

This class features the following Topics:

  • The Forming Process of Disease
  • Key Considerations for Energy Balancing Human Beings
  • Bi-Location
  • Clearing Energy Systems with the BioGeometry “Net”
  • The Power of Angle and Directionality
  • The Power of Number
  • The Power of Shape
  • The Power of Sound
  • The Power of BioSignatures and BioNumerals
  • The Power of the Seven Planes of Nature

In addition to the over 9 hours of streaming video / downloadable audio for this class, the downloadable handout runs to 120+ pages.

The Practicum section of this class is our most extensive yet (larger than any Class Practicum in our other Online BG FT or AT Skills Development Classes); in the handout it runs to almost 50 pages in length, and runs close to 4 hours in the video/audio portion of the class!

This extensive Practicum includes many important practices which were only generally described in the live BG AT, given here for the first time with explicit step-by-step instructions.

Our thanks once again to Dr. Ibrahim Karim for sharing his profound knowledge of BioGeometry with us!

And Thank You for supporting our efforts to bring you this BG AT Review and Skills Development course in a new online format.


Dr. Robert J. Gilbert for the Vesica Institute

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