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Introduction to Class 1

Hello Friends,

Welcome to Class 1 of the Online BioGeometry Foundation Level Skills Development Course!

This first class is very rich with content, it is twice the length which was initially promised. This first class is devoted to reviewing the most critical concepts from French Radiesthesia and BioGeometry which are needed for understanding effective practical Energy Balancing work, and to develop the most essential skills in accurate Energy Quality Testing.

We've put a tremendous amount of effort into the 7+ hours of video / audio, and 100 pages of written text, in Class 1 to ensure every student of BioGeometry can check themselves for any errors in their current testing method and fill in any gaps in their understanding.

In this class you will find:

  • 4 Streaming Videos (for streaming online, not downloadable)
  • 4 Downloadable MP3 Audio files (these have the complete audio track from the streaming videos, for you to keep)
  • Downloadable PDF handout (100 pages)

The Energy Quality Testing instruction in this Online class 1 offers highly detailed step-by-step instruction, for the Testing practices which are the foundation of effective Skill Development in BioGeometry.

Four different fundamental Energy Quality Testing Methods are taught in this class in both the Video and in the Handout, for you to follow along with every step to ensure you are testing correctly.

Our 100 page handout includes an extensive written description of every step of Testing, in more detail and with more practical tips than any previous written training document.

At the end of the class there is a Practicum, with Practical Exercises for you to do every day for a minimum of one week.  These exercises have been designed for you to open up the energetic pathways in your body needed for accurate testing, and to entrain your own energy system to properly connect to external energy fields through the "antenna" of the different Pendulums we use for Testing.

By following the training program in Class 1 in detail, you will have a solid foundation for our Review and Practicum of the powerful BioGeometry Energy Balancing methods which are coming in Class 2!

We really hope you enjoy the class and we welcome your feedback.

Warm Regards,

Dr. Robert J. Gilbert for the Vesica Institute

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