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Introduction to Class 2

Hello Friends,

Here are your complete resources for Class 2 of our online BG FT Skills Development course!

As was the case with Class 1, this Class 2 is over twice the size we promised.

Class 2 features five separate streaming videos (with downloadable audio) of around nine hours total, and an over 100 page downloadable handout!

All of the video filming is new, and includes live demonstrations of practices (particularly testing and balancing Earth Energy Lines.)

The majority of the text in the Class 2 handout is new as well. This new handout offers the most detailed, step-by-step written description yet to appear in the English language, regarding how to correctly perform fundamental energy balancing methods in BioGeometry.

We hope you will find that these resources greatly clarify the fine points of practices for you, filling in the blanks of things you may have missed or forgotten from the live BG Foundation Training.

The Practicum exercises at the end of this Class will not only sharpen your skills, you will also have energy balanced many key aspects of your own home and office by the time you complete the Practicum!

Our thanks to Dr. Karim for sharing his knowledge of BioGeometry with us, and thank you for supporting our efforts to bring you this BG FT Review and Skills Development course in a new online format.


Robert J. Gilbert for the Vesica Institute

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