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Introduction to Class 3

Hello Friends,

Here is the third and final class in our Online BG FT Skills Development Course!

This class offers over 8 hours of streaming video (with downloadable MP3 audio track) and a downloadable handout of close to 130 pages.

Topics covered in Class 3 include:

  • Object and Color Balancing
  • Material Balancing Wheel
  • Testing and Energy Balancing Electro-Magnetic Fields (with specific methods for different EMF sources, and notes for testing methods which Electro-Sensitive students can use)
  • Step-by-Step Guides to multiple Personal Wavelength Testing Methods
  • BioSignatures and BioNumerals
  • Nine Fundamental Methods of BioGeometry Design
  • Summary of Practical Techniques from the BG FT
  • Practicum for Class 3 (covering multiple techniques applied over multiple weeks of practices)

We hope you enjoy this class!

The last part of this BG FT Online Class will be the Conference Call, where Dr. Gilbert will answer students’ questions about any of the principles or techniques taught in the BG FT.


The Staff of the Vesica Institute

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