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Introduction to the Online Course

Welcome to this Special Training in Spiritual Science!

This Course consists of three online Classes.
Each Class has one or more Streaming Videos, which you can watch online as often as you like, within the 180 days of your subscription to this course.

Each Video has a matching MP3 audio file, which you can Download and keep.
There is one Downloadable Handout for this course, which is in the universal PDF format.

CSB 800

Class 1:

This is the shortest class, with one streaming Video and a matching downloadable MP3 audio file.

This Video / Audio provides an essential introduction to Connecting with Spiritual Realities. The first section of the Video/Audio is lecture, then there is a practice for developing perception of the Spiritual Nature within the people we encounter in daily life. Seeing aspects of the Spirit within physical human beings helps us develop the capacity to perceive Spirit in more subtle, non-physical Beings.

The Downloadable Handout for the entire course is also contained in Class 1.

Class 2:

This class features four streaming Videos, with four matching downloadable MP3 audio files.

The first Video / Audio provides further information, then the next three Video/Audio are each devoted to specific practices.

Class 3:

This class also features four streaming Videos, with four matching downloadable MP3 audio files.

The first Video / Audio introduces the major Archangelic Energy Currents Practice, then the second Video/Audio contains that meditation; the third Video/Audio goes into deeper esoteric aspects of the practice. The fourth and final Video/Audio in this class delves into deeper aspects of Spiritual Connection work, and concludes this training.
We hope you enjoy this course!

As always, our sincere thanks for enrolling in this training, and for your kind support of our work at the Vesica Institute.

Robert J. Gilbert

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