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Introduction to Class 2

Hello Friends,

Class 2 features four separate streaming Videos, along with their respective downloadable MP3 Audio files.

The first Video / Audio in this Class explores further important aspects of Connecting with Spiritual Beings, particularly how Spiritual Beings affect us.

The next three Videos / Audio tracks are devoted to important spiritual practices. Each one begins with an overview of a key practice, then the actual practice is presented.

Remember to refer to the downloadable Handout from Class 1, for further written information on some topics and practices presented in Class 2.

A Few Topics in Class 2

  • How our Projections mix with what is Objectively Present in our Spiritual Vision (and the Type of Meditation which will Develop your Ability to Perceive Invisible Realities Clearly)
  • Two Types of Reactivity which Must be Overcome when developing Spiritual Vision
  • How to Tell the Difference between Etheric and Astral Levels of Perception
  • Deep Exploration of the 9 Ranks of Higher Spiritual Beings (Angelic Hierarchies)
  • Why Sacred Geometry and Sacred Numerology are Vital to Know for Higher Spiritual Practices
  • The Most Important Modern Text for Understanding the Activity of Different Spiritual Beings in Human Evolution
  • The Spiritual Beings which Seek to Influence all Spiritual Seekers to Overestimate our Current Level of Development (and to accept Distorted Spiritual Teachings)
  • The Spiritual Beings which Seek to Influence us to Inappropriately Manipulate other People through our Spiritual Knowledge and Powers
  • The Only Thing You will take with you through the Gate of Death (and How to Develop it during your Present Lifetime)
  • The Spiritual Beings which Help Human Souls to Incarnate into Physical Bodies (and how Knowledge of them is Encoded in the Western Spiritual Tradition)
  • The Early Christian Doctrine of Reincarnation (“Transmigration of Souls”)
  • The Original Understanding of the Christ Being: the Cosmic Perspective
  • The Three Stages of Developing Spiritual Vision in the Rosicrucian Tradition
  • The True Nature of the Akashic Record (and Why Some Higher Beings Access it Effortlessly)
  • How To Navigate through Unknown Spiritual Worlds: the Universal Vibrational System
  • How Our Relationship to Higher Spiritual Beings is Manifested in the Human Experience of Children and Parents
  • The Origin of the Beings which have the Task to provide Resistance to Human Spiritual Development and Evolution
  • Deeper Levels of Knowledge regarding Hindering Spiritual Beings: the “Backward Archai” compared to Backward Angels and Archangels

Practices for Class 2

There are three Videos / Audio tracks devoted to new practices in Class 2. These are Parts 3 - 5 in the sequential numbering of videos for the entire course.

Part 3 begins our work with the most vital structure in our energetic field; this is the central axis of energy which runs through the exact mid-line of our body from the top of our Head to our Feet (and continues Above and Below us.) This structure is vital for advanced Spiritual Initiation Practices, although it is rarely taught or understood in most modern metaphysical groups.

In the Vesica Institute Spiritual Science trainings, we use the classical name for this structure: the “Column of Glory”. Please see the introduction to this topic in our handout.

In this important practice provided in Part 3, we activate the Key Energy Centers in the Column starting at the top of the head and moving down to the base of the abdomen. We then activate the “forgotten” Energy Centers in the Column, which continue straight down below the Perineum and between the Legs down to the Feet; these Centers are almost unknown today, yet they hold the potential for extremely powerful regeneration and healing. Activating these “forgotten” Centers will provide a much greater stabiliity in your energetic body than is the case when working only in the higher centers (concentrating only on the higher centers is a common practice today, resulting in potential spiritual and energetic problems in modern spiritual seekers.)

Part 4 then extends the vital foundation given in the Part 3 practice; we now begin to explore the Column as it extends beyond the Human Physical Body. First we clear the energy of the Column above the Head, then we activate the first Center above the Head. There is an essential further activation needed, once we move Above the Physical Body in the Column; namely to similarly activate specific Energy Centers Below the Physical Body in the Column of Glory.

This is the essential principle of “As Above, So Below” applied to Initiation work in the human energy field; we will become energetically unbalanced if we move our attention only above the head (into “Heaven”), and do not counterbalance it with moving below us into “Earth.” 

Sadly, even the relatively few groups today which teach the activation of the Centers in the Column above the head often do not teach this essential balancing aspect of the practice: to activate as far Down the Column, as we have activated Upwards. In Part 4 we introduce both needed parts of this practice: we activate the First Centers Above and Below the Physical Body in the Column of Glory. These two centers are then joined together into an important Geometric Form (further stages of this important practice will be offered in a future Vesica Institute Online training.)

Part 5 then offers a very powerful advanced practice that, to our knowledge, has never before been taught in a public training. We ascend up the Energy Centers above our Head, activating each in turn. We move far beyond the first few Centers above the Head (which is as far as some Initiation traditions go in their work) to explore 9 Key Centers above our Crown Center.

In this practice, we discover that each Center as we ascend connects to higher and higher States of Consciousness -- and also to higher Spiritual Beings which possess that level of Consciousness, the 9 Angelic Ranks (“Spiritual Hierarchies”) known to Western Initiation.

This is a practice which opens up extremely high aspects of Spiritual Initiation, and which can make powerful shifts in our development of higher consciousness -- and in our ability to clearly perceive very high Spiritual Beings which connect with us. Some students find this practice to be straightforward, while others find it quite challenging at first; yet even attempting to perform it, simply placing our awareness on these powerful ascending centers in our higher energy field, begins to crystallize extremely important structures in our subtle bodies.

Make no mistake on this important point: this is a practice which can transform your spiritual potential, and your future destiny, to a very profound degree.

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