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Introduction to Class 1

Hello Friends,

Here in Class 1 we provide an essential foundation for understanding how we Connect with Spiritual Realities.

This introductory class has one streaming Video for you to watch, with an MP3 file of the audio track for you to download and keep.

A Few Topics in Class 1

This Class covers a wide range of important material; a few of the topics covered are listed below.

  • Overview of the Entire Class
  • The Deep Need for Humanity to Develop Fully Conscious Communication with Spiritual Beings Today
  • What Happens to the Impulses and Communications coming to us from SpiritualBeings When We Do Not Consciously Perceive Them
  • The Difference between the Effects of Day and Night on Consciousness and Meditation 
  • How Spiritual Impulses Direct our Feelings and Actions (even when we aren’t aware of this)
  • The Stages of Creation: From the Unified Source to the Different Types of Spiritual Beings
  • The Current Stage of Human Spiritual Development: The Background to all Spiritual Practices
  • Creation through Divine Mind-Power (and its Reflection within every Human Being)
  • Balancing Love and Freedom in our Daily Lives
  • The Critical Difference between Nature Elementals and Human-Generated Elemental Beings (Known as “Tulpas” in the Tibetan tradition)
  • Discerning between True Angelic Beings and “Angelic Elementals” projected from the Human Mind
  • Stages of Differentiating the Impulses coming into us from External Beings from those which we Generate inside Ourselves
  • Why some Spiritual Beings of Great “Light” are not necessarily “Good” or Beneficial for Us
  • The Three Essential Categories of Spiritual Beings
  • Multiple Practical Ways to Perceive the Spiritual Essence within any Human Being

Practice for Class 1

The practice for Class 1, which is a very simple foundation method to perceive Subtle Energy and Spiritual Aspects of another person, is contained at the end of the Video / Audio.

This is the only practice in this course which requires another person to do; the many other practices in Class 2 and 3 can all be done by oneself.

For practical purposes, you can practice the simple technique shown in this Video (and the multiple other practical techniques discussed in the Video before the practice begins) and then take this technique out into the world to apply it when spending timewith anyone; this does not have to be a formal practice working seated with another person as shown in the Video.

When practicing alone, you can try the technique with a photograph of a person rather than with a physically present person; however please be aware that when first beginning practices of this kind, it is better to work with the real presence of a person (or a physical item, in the case of other similar practices) rather than with photographs, until a higher stage of proficiency is attained.

This is because the energy field of a person or item right in front of you is much richer and less subtle, than when reading it off of a photograph.

Handout for this Course

The downloadable Handout below is the written material for this entire course; there are no further handouts in later classes. So please be aware that you will see sections in the handout which are for these later classes, and are not discussed here in Class 1.

Also please be aware that only a small fraction of the information in this course is summarized in this handout; there is a tremendous amount of further information contained in the streaming Videos / downloadable MP3 audio files.

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