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Introduction to Class 3

Hello Friends,

In Class 3 we explore in-depth a profound meditative practice, and then conclude this course by delving even more deeply into advanced aspects of Connecting to Spiritual Beings.

There are four streaming Videos and their downloadable Audio MP3 files in Class 3.

The first three Videos are devoted to the Archangelic Energy Currents Practice, and the final Video explores deeper topics of Spiritual Connection work.

Practice for Class 3

The first three Videos in Class 3 (which are Parts 6 - 8 in the sequential numbering of Videos in this complete course) are all devoted to the Archangelic Energy Currents

Part 6 provides an Introduction to the Practice.

Part 7 provides the actual Archangelic Energy Currents Practice itself.

Part 8 explores Key Principles of the Practice from an expanded Spiritual Science research perspective.

Part 9 opens up deeper aspects of Spiritual Connection work.

A Few Topics in Class 3

  • Methods through which Spiritual Beings Connect to Human Beings
  • The Importance of “Astral Density” for the Manifestation of Spiritual Beings
  • The 7 Fundamental Qualities needed to Connect Clearly with Spiritual Beings
  • Key Information from the work of Rudolf Steiner: The Work of the Angels in Man’s Astral Body
  • The Destructive Form that Impulses from Spiritual Beings Can Take when we Don’t Take them in Consciously

 From all of us at the Vesica Institute,

Thank You

for participating in this course.
We deeply appreciate your support of our work.
We hope that this Online training will provide profound benefits for you on your Spiritual Path.

Many Blessings,

Robert J. Gilbert

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