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Introduction to the Online Course

 Thank you for joining us in this new training series!

The series offers detailed, hands-on training in practical methods from French Radiesthesia and from the original research of the Vesica Institute.

There are 3 separate classes in this series. Each class has the following features: 

  • Streaming Videos: there are multiple videos in each class, available for streaming on your computer 24 hours a day -- as many times as you like -- during your subscription period.
  • Downloadable MP3's: the MP3’s have the complete audio track from the streaming videos for that class, so you can keep the audios and listen to them anywhere.
  • A Downloadable Handout in PDF format: PDF is a universal format that works on PC’s and MAC’s. A free software download to read PDF’s on your computer is available at
  • There are additional downloadable resources in some classes.
  • You can access your classes online until your subscription expires. To view your classes and time available in your subscription, go here: My Courses

The first of the 3 classes in this series (The Personal Wavelength) is now up and available in its entirety.

The second class (The Universal Vibrational Spectrum) is now up and available in its entirety.

The third class (Custom Vibrational Healing) will be posted in 2017.

Once a class is posted, it will remain online and available to you until the end of your subscription. Your subscription period for a particular class does not begin until the entirety of the class is posted.  This means that your time with the class sections as they are posted one piece at a time, before the entirety of the class is online, is a free bonus which does not count against your 6 months subscription time for that class.

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