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The Earthly and Spiritual Schools of Archangel Michael

Topics Covered in Class 1

  • 100 year anniversary of laying of the Foundation Stone by Rudolf Steiner.
  • The link between the “Ether” and the hidden Platonic Solid: The Dodecahedron.
  • Thoughtforms in the Mind of God manifested in Shape and Number.
  • The Days of the Week as a Microcosm of the Planetary Beings.
  • Archangel Michael as the Spirit of the Sun.
  • The 3 Stages of Initiation Vision into true Spiritual Beings.
  • Initiation as the process recalling who we really are, and why we are here.
  • Introduction to the Pillar of Light / Central Column in the Human Energy Field.
  • The “Cave of Christos” as the center of the 3-D Cross in the Human Head.
  • Initiation teachings from multiple world spiritual Traditions on the Central Column.
  • The Important Difference between Energy Centers Below the Human Feet and those Above the Head.
  • How the Guardian Angel’s Energy System interpenetrates the Human Energy Field.
  • Placing Astral Symbols in the Energy Centers above the Head to create Resonance with key Spiritual Beings and lineages (creating the Astral Beacon above the head.)
  • How Knowledge of Spiritual Practices links us to the Freedom impulse from Archangel Michael
  • Perceiving “Astral Density” in a person’s energy field or in a location.

Practices Part 1

These first practices lay an essential foundation for those exercises which we will be doing later in Class 3. Those practices will be a Microcosm of the activity of Archangel Michael and the Solar Forces as they move through the top of our human Pillar of Light, into our body, and then below us into the Earth.

Exercise 1: How to Pull Energy up the Pillar of Light and Clarify its Energy.

Exercise 2: Activating Light and Vibration in the Pillar.

Exercise 3: How to Activate the First Center above the Head (including how to Activate the “Astral Beacon” above the Head, connecting to beneficial Spiritual Beings.)

Exercise 4: Contacting the Holy Guardian Angel at 3 Locations in the Body.

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