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The Earthly and Spiritual Schools of Archangel Michael

Topics Covered in Class 2

  • Projective Geometry and “dimensional stress” effects on physical objects.
  • The “mirroring” process: complementary polarities in geometric forms.
  • The four essential vibrational resonances which links every human being into the Earth’s energy field.
  • The many different esoteric names of Archangel Michael and their true meanings.
  • The spiritual functions and activities of Archangel Michael.
  • How the name of Michael awakens us to see which parts of ourselves are still imperfect and in need of further spiritual development.
  • The Dutch writer who revealed deep secrets of Rosicrucianism on his deathbed (published now in English.)
  • The Beloved Disciple John activity as a high spiritual Initiate (and his appearance as “Father Yohannan” in Greek esoteric schools.)
  • The complementary and essential teachings of Rudolf Steiner and the Greek healing master Daskalos.
  • Archangel Gabriel and the Powers of the Moon: the Annunciation.
  • The Four Archangels and their Powers accessed in practical higher Initiation.
  • The “Symbol of Life” as a powerful sacred geometry pattern in the human energy
  • The Yearly Cycle and the Activity of Michael: Clearing the earth’s astral atmosphere in preparation for the Winter Initiation cycle.
  • The Human Soul Forces and the Divine Feminine.
  • The Detrimental Beings which we become aware of on the path of Spiritual Initiation, and the stages of approaching them.
  • The safe approach to clearing high level Detrimental Beings from the human energy
  • The relationship of Electro-Magnetic and Nuclear Radiation to different classes of Spiritual Beings.
  • The Beneficial and Detrimental Spiritual Beings of the Planetary Spheres as understood in classical Initiation.
  • The appearance of Archangel Michael in different world spiritual traditions (including Eastern Traditions.)
  • How the interaction of higher Angelic Beings (Angels, Archangels and Archai) with human beings has changed since ancient times.
  • The loss of the “Old Clairvoyance” in order to master the physical world, and the development of the “New Clairvoyance” today.
  • The Great Initiate Manu (Malek-Zadek) and his activity in different spiritual traditions.
  • The Cycle of 7 “Time-Spirits”: the 7 Archangels.
  • The Modern Age of Archangel Michael and preparation for the coming Age of Oriphiel.
  • The modern tendency to dismiss Thinking as “not spiritual” -- and why this prevents true higher Initiation.
  • The transformation of Thinking into Higher Spiritual Perception (Clairvoyance.)
  • The Spiritual Reality of being an “Old Soul” or a “Young Soul”.
  • Seeing Spirit in Matter vs. seeing Spirit behind Matter (Platonic and Aristotelian)
  • The Arthurian and Grail Streams.
  • The School of Michael which many of us passed through before our current lifetime.
  • “In the Beginning was the Memory”: Remembering who we are and why we are here.
  • The difficulty of remembering our true spiritual path in modern times.
  • Developing our own internal knowledge base which higher Beings can work with.
  • How the Sun forces in our Life Body affect the Earth’s evolution after our physical
  • The “Mystery of Golgotha” and the Secrets of Death and Resurrection.
  • The Female Initiates in the Esoteric Christian Tradition.
  • The Shakhti, Sekhinah and the Etheric Ocean of Life Force.
  • How the Spiritual Beings of the Sun illuminate the Human Subtle Body.
  • A critical problem in spiritual people today: unbalanced activation of the higher and lower energy centers.
  • The energizing effects of activating the Energy Centers below the Feet.
  • Ancient Egypt as the foundation for modern spiritual knowledge.
  • The use of an Obsidian Sphere for Energetic Clearing Purposes during intense Spiritual Practices.


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