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The Earthly and Spiritual Schools of Archangel Michael

Topics Covered in Class 3

  • Our inner experiences of the Etheric and Astral Bodies.
  • Hidden Structures in the Human Central Column of Energy.
  • The creation of a Group Column of Light by uniting the individual columns.
  • Primary and Secondary movements of energy down the column into the Earth.
  • Becoming aware of particular sensations or conditions in the body during spiritual practices.
  • Creating stability in the Column by Anchoring into the Earth.
  • Counter-Movement of Centering and Radiance in Energy Centers.
  • Three primary centers of the Human Soul in the Physical body.
  • Toroidal Circulations of energy for strengthening the Human Energy Field.
  • “Scalar Waves” created by Circuit Design and in Human Energy.
  • Balancing the Centers Above with the Centers Below.
  • How the Practices with the Centers Below in the Column are a Preparation for the Coming Archangelic Age.
  • The Effect of the “Backwards Review” Practice.
  • Tearing of the Subtle Bodies during the Day and Repair during the Night.
  • How the Angels perceive us and Requesting a “Break” when we get overly tired.
  • Regeneration energies coming from the Centers below the Human Body.


These practices continue on from the first four exercises taught in Class 1. Accordingly, they are labeled exercises 5 - 10 below.

They are a Microcosm of the activity of Archangel Michael and the Solar Forces moving through the top of the human Pillar of Light, into our body, and then below us into the Earth.

Please be aware that just hearing the concept of these practices in the video and audio portion of this course is not sufficient.

These exercises must be fully performed and experienced, in order to activate the tremendous beneficial spiritual effects inherent in them.

Note that some of the exercises listed below are combined within a single longer practice in the class.

Exercise 5: Toroidal Energy Circulation around the Body and Energy Field.

Exercise 6: Activating the Central Column in the Human Energy Field with Solar Forces and Angelic Connections.

Exercise 7: Activating the First Three Energy Centers Above the Head.

Exercise 8: Activating the Three Primary Centers (the Anchors of the Soul) in the Physical Body.

Exercise 9: Safe Method to Activate the First Three Energy Centers Below the Human Body.

Exercise 10: Balancing Above and Below in the Human Energy Field with an Advanced Sacred Geometry Form (A Key Pattern Encoded into the Cathedrals of Europe.)

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