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The Earthly and Spiritual Schools of Archangel Michael

Topics Covered in Class 4

  • The need for protection and “filtration” of problematic energies below the human body: the use of Sun Forces.
  • Indian “Science of Light” (Jyotish) teachings: How the Sun “Combusts” the Energies of Planets it is close to.
  • Shifting our Core Awareness of Self and Others.
  • Spiritual Experience of Energies and Beings within the Earth.
  • The Use of Solar forces coming down from the Column to illuminate and provide protection for moving into the Centers below.
  • The Reflection of the 9 Angelic Ranks above us in the 9 Layers of the Earth Below.
  • The problem of losing Consciousness when going into the Centers Above the Head or Below the Feet: the importance of modern methods of being fully Conscious in the Centers outside of the body.
  • The corruption of Elemental Beings by Detrimental Spiritual Beings: Helping these Elementals through a New Science of Earth Healing.
  • The critical difference between Clearing a corrupted Elemental vs. Clearing the Effects of a Detrimental higher level Spiritual Being.
  • The classical Energy Science of European Rosicrucianism and the new Vibrational Science: testing and transforming detrimental energy qualities in and around the Earth.
  • Using Vibrational Anchors to transform detrimental energies to beneficial.
  • The Homeopathic Process for Beneficial Alchemy.
  • The “Dark Alchemy” of modern Physics: transforming natural Elements to become more toxic and lethal.
  • The true Spiritual Context of Who We Are and Why We Are Here.
  • How Human Beings are the “Religion” of Higher Spiritual Beings.
  • How the Human experience of being a Parent to a Child is a microcosmic reflection of the higher Angelic Beings’ Relationship to Us.
  • The “3-Axis Cross” in the Human Head and the Black Cube of Space.
  • The Difficulty of Living in a Physical Body: The Saturn Initiation.
  • The Alchemical Education of the Human Being by Spiritual Beings.
  • The Lengths of the Archangelic Ages: Individual Stages and the Complete Cycle.
  • The previous Age of Archangel Gabriel and the important changes of the current Age of Michael.
  • The activation of a new Energy Center in the Front of the Human Head during the Current Michaelic Age: creating the “New Clairvoyance”.
  • The Purpose of Detrimental Beings in Human Evolution.
  • Learning to See “Time Patterns” and Hidden Aspects of Karma.
  • The Coming Age of Oriphiel: Challenges of the Saturn Initiation.
  • How the Current Michael Age is preparing us for the Oriphiel Age.
  • Enjoying and Taking Full Advantage of the Current Michael Age.
  • The Transformation of Negative Karma through Service to the Holy Grail.
  • “Time Triggers” and Alchemical Sequences in our Current Age.
  • “Living Thinking” and its significance for the “New Clairvoyance”.
  • The difference between a path of Energy Development and a Consciousness Path.
  • The Secret of how a specific type of Breathing is required for the deepest Spiritual States.
  • The dynamic Mobility and Interpenetration of Spiritual Beings on Higher Planes.
  • How Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic tendencies manifest within Spiritual Perception.

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