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Vesica Institute Newsletter

March 2014

NEW Courses & Projects Announcements!


The Vesica Institute

1011 Tunnel Rd

Suite #200

Asheville, North Carolina 28805

Office Hours:

11:00 am - 5:30 pm EST  

Hello Friends,

We hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season (even with this year's intense Winter Weather)!

We are happy to announce our full schedule of LIVE and ONLINE trainings for 2014 in this Newsletter.

We are also announcing our New Projectswhich we are very excited about sharing with you!

In this Newsletter you will find:

*  BioGeometry Foundation and Advanced       Training Course dates for 2014 in the U.S.         and Canada

*  7 Different NEW LIVE Events in Toronto,         Canada for April and May!

*  NEW Upcoming Online Course:

"Explorations in Spiritual Science:  Connecting with Spiritual Beings"

 The Upcoming Launch of our    

Members will receive access to tons of private material (Videos, Audio, and Text Files) from the vast Vesica Archives.

And much more...

Thank You so much for your support!

Many Blessings,

Suzanne Albertson for the Vesica Institute


Foundation and Advanced Trainings 

for 2014

In response to many requests,

we have added additional 

BioGeometry Foundation and Advanced Trainings for the 2014 Calendar year!

BioGeometry Foundation Trainings:

In Asheville, North Carolina

April 19-25, 2014

July 12-18, 2014

Sept. 27- Oct. 3, 2014

BioGeometry Advanced Trainings:

In Montreal, Canada

August 23-28, 2014

In Asheville, NC

August 9-14, 2014

October 6-11, 2014


For More Information or to Register for any of these Trainings,


Toronto, Canada Events
with Dr. Robert J. Gilbert

Public Talks & Workshop

at the Toronto 

Total Health Show

April 4-6, 2014

Talk 1:  

Creating a New Spiritual Science: 

Uniting Essential Knowledge & Practices from World Spiritual Traditions

Talk 2:  

The Truth About Radiation (Nuclear Fallout and EMF): What You Need to Know to Protect and Heal Yourself


A New Spiritual Science: Unified Practices from Great Spiritual Traditions

CLICK HERE for more information on the 

Total Health Show events

Public Talk and

3 NEW Seminars

in Toronto: May 2014

Wednesday, May 7, 2014 


New Research in Vibrational and  

Spiritual Sciences 

May 9, 2014 



Vibrational Dowsing Research & Practices from France and Germany


May 10-12, 2014  


A Master Overview of Methods

from Around the World Using 

Light, Color, Sacred Geometry,

and Consciousness

May 14-16, 2014


Hidden Keys to Spiritual Development: Secret Teachings and Essential Practices  

CLICK HERE for more information 

Coming Soon!


Spiritual Science Course

Explorations in Spiritual Science:

Connecting to Spiritual Beings

with Dr. Robert J. Gilbert

Filmed LIVE at 

The Vesica Institute in Asheville NC

December 6 - 8, 2013

This new class will explore knowledge and practices from multiple traditions, which will 

help us to both understand and to directly experience the Angelic Beings who are always with us.

Topics and Practices Include:

  • Spiritual Practices with Key Energy Circulations in the Body: Spinal flows into the Third Eye Center (the "Uraeus" activation), and Shoulder Blades ("Angelic Wings").
  • Simple (and Profound) Practices to Develop Natural Perception of the Spiritual Essence within Human Beings.
  • Connecting to Different Types of Angelic Beings at the Energy Centers above and below the Head 
  • Key Initiation Practices with the Central Column of Energy in the Human Body: the "Column of Glory").
  • Learning to Perceive, Resonate with, and Discern Between the 9 Different Ranks of Angelic Beings (The "Spiritual Hierarchies").





Vesica Gold Club


For the First Time Ever, 

Access our Private Archives ONLINE



grail blue

The Vesica Institute's

Vault of Sacred Knowledge

is opening...

The Vesica Institute has collected a vast amount of rare information over the years.  This information has been kept in our private archives, which have never before been made accessible to the public.  

These archives contain not only the

rare documents in our collection; they also contain our private collection of videos, audio, and text from 15 years of courses 

offered by our Director, Dr. Robert J. Gilbert.  

Many of these courses were only offered once, and some have not been taught publicly for 10 years or more.

We will soon be offering special "Gold Club" Memberships to our students.

This will give you access to monthly postings of rare archive materials; these materials will only be posted for one month, then they will be removed and a new batch of materials will be posted for the next month.  

Gold Members will every month be able to access online a new set of rare, archived:

*  Streaming Video

*  Downloadable Audio

*  Downloadable PDF Texts

Every Month's offerings will contain new topics in each of the following subjects:

*  Spiritual Science (packed with  powerful Initiation knowledge from multiple systems)
* Sacred Geometry (this contains key insights and practices which you won't find in Sacred Geometry trainings from any other source)

* Energy Explorations & Vibrational Radiesthesia (including amazing excerpts from rare European Vibrational Research & Practical Application texts in our collection, many of which have not been seen publicly for over 50 years!)

We will also offer special bonus Videos,  Audio, and/or Texts every month from a range of topics: this may include

*  Earth Healing Methods

*  Holistic Health Practical Applications,
*  Light and Color Therapies,

*  Solutions for EMF Radiation & Nuclear Fallout problems,

*  or other topics - a different bonus every month!

We are very excited about this new initiative to open our Archives to you.
The Vesica Institute Staff are working hard now on collecting and editing this material. 

We know that you will be excited too when you see what we are preparing.

We will launch the Gold Club very soon -

Stay Tuned!

Our Highly Acclaimed 
ONLINE Courses:





This extremely popular online training was created to give everyone -- regardless of your current knowledge level -- a strong and reliable foundation for higher level Spiritual Development.  

This 5-part Online Training includes

*  Streaming Video

*  Downloadable Audio

*  Downloadable PDF Handouts

The Training covers a wide range of key information and practices, given in an extremely  clear, concise presentation --

without the usual "veils" over the deeper knowledge -- which you will simply not find from any other source.

We have heard from many students who have told us that this training has changed their fundamental understanding of the world, of their life, and of their own spiritual potential and destiny.

Come discover for yourself why so many people are excited about this course, and see for yourself  how it will benefit your own core spiritual development.

CLICK HERE for more information.



These Online Practicums were created for Graduates of the BioGeometry Foundation and Advanced Trainings.  

They offer an in-depth Review of the Vast Information given in the courses, along with new details and insights into the work.  

These courses also offer greatly expanded Step-By-Step Instructions for all the Practices in the courses, which will greatly strengthen your Energy Quality Testing and Balancing applications.

CLICK HERE for more information on theFoundation Level Practicum, for Graduates of the BG Foundation Training.

CLICK HERE for more information on theAdvanced Level Practicum, for Graduates of the BG Advanced Training.

LIVE 2014 Spiritual Science Intensives 

in Asheville, NC

Live Spiritual Science Courses

held at the Vesica Institute in Asheville, NC

These Live Intensives are for those who have learned the fundamentals of Spiritual Science from the Online "Essential Teachings and Practices" course, and are ready to experience more advanced work with Dr. Gilbert.  

In addition to the new Information in each class, these Intensives also feature very powerful advanced Practices -- many of which are not available through our Online Trainings.
These Practices are increased in their effect by being learned in the group setting of the Live Intensive.


Summer Solstice Intensive:  June 20-22

Fall Equinox Intensive:  September 19-21

Winter Solstice Intensive: December 5-7

Stay tuned for more information Coming Soon

BioGeometry Special Topics
with Dr. Ibrahim Karim

Free Videos Online 
of  2013 Presentations
& Dates for 2014 ST Course

CLICK HERE for the intro lecture by 
Dr. Robert Gilbert

CLICK HERE for the lecture by 
Dr. Ibrahim Karim 

Dr. Karim has confirmed the dates for his next Special Topics course: 

November 7 - 11 2014 in  

Asheville, NC 

More information will be released soon.

Thank You  

Dr. Karim!


Dr. Karim gave another amazing exploration of Special Topics at our November 2013 event!  

The course included a revolutionary method to balance the Brain Hemispheres (using new tools only made available to attendees) and other new discoveries.

Videos of Dr. Gilbert's introduction, and Dr. Karim's opening night public talk, are now available online.
Just click on the links to the left!

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