Blueprint of Destiny:

Awaken your True Spiritual Potential with
Energy Methods from China, India, & the European Rosicrucians

February 18-20, 2017 in Los Altos, California

A Live Rosicrucian Course with Dr. Robert J. Gilbert

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Tuition for Intensive Weekend Seminar:$450
$50 off Early Registration Discount: Only $399 if Registered by January 31

Hidden inside of every human being is a series of Energy Patterns, which allow each individual to incarnate their spirit into a physical body. These hidden Energy Patterns hold the secret of each person's "Blueprint of Destiny"; that person's unique spiritual karma, potential, and destiny.

For thousands of years, Great Spiritual Traditions have used these hidden patterns to create tremendously accelerated spiritual development, and advanced healing applications.

This intensive seminar -- offered for the first time ever -- collects and simplifies a wealth of information from multiple traditions regarding the "Blueprint of Destiny".
You will learn the most important, primal Energy Centers and Channels which encode our Spiritual Blueprint -- and how they manifest in the physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual processes which control and direct your life.

You will also learn profound practical methods developed around the world to test, clear, balance, and activate these Energy Patterns.

Special $100 Discountwhen Registering for both of our February California trainings,  Karmic Biography + Blueprint of Destiny : see bottom of the page for details!

Blueprint of Destiny

Awaken your True Spiritual Potential

Topics and Practical Methods you will learn in this course include:


Illuminating the "Blueprint of Destiny" in your Subtle Body

  • Step-by-Step Exploration: How your Spirit incarnates and anchors into specific Power Centers in your Body (with profound insights derived from multiple traditions.)
  • How to Use the Rosicrucian "Dissolving Practice" to directly experience the specific Divine Power held at each Energy Center in your Body.
  • How to apply Inward and Outward energy movements to activate any Energy Center.
  • Applying Clockwise, Counter-clockwise, and Combined Energy Spins; from the Cellular to Whole-Body levels.
  • "Tuning" Method for adjusting Energy Centers to optimal Resonance.
  • How to Navigate through (and Activate) the Different Layers of your Energy Body through using Light Intensity.
  • The 3 "Anchor Points of the Soul" of the European Rosicrucians and the 3 "Elixir Fields" of Chinese Daoists.
  • The essential Indian teaching of the Three-Fold Cycle of Energy Activations.
  • The essential Chinese teaching of the 5 Phases of Energy Movement.
  • learning to Read your "Blueprint of Destiny" engraved into the Patterns of your Subtle Body.

Key "Destiny Patterns" you will Explore in your Own Energy Body

  • The First (and Most Important) Energy Axis in the Human Body -- why many traditions don't speak about it publicly, and how to activate its multiple layers.
  • Chinese Daoist Inner Teaching: The Three Key Energy Pathways of the Blueprint of Destiny, which are the source for the creation of the entire human body.
  • Energy structures of Pre-Birth and Post-Birth stages of human spiritual incarnation.
  • Energy encoding of your Personal Karma and Potential in your subtle body.
  • Imprints from our Ancestors in our Subtle Body Matrix.
  • Vertical and Horizontal "Energy Alignment Columns" in the Human Energy Field.
  • Energy Channels and Sacred Geometry Patterns between Chakras.
  • The Key Energy Pathway of the Human Spirit between Heaven and Earth.
  • Awakening the Egyptian-Essene-Greek incarnation pattern: the exact placement and energy pathways of the 10 Spheres of Life.
  • The "Column of Glory" in Esoteric Christianity and the Coptic tradition.

Rare Teachings and Practices from Multiple Spiritual Traditions

  • Simplified Method to Clear all the Major Energy Channels of the body (without any external equipment.)
  • Inner Vedic Teachings from India: Pathways and Key Centers for complete Kundalini Rising.
  • The Unseen Modern Spiritual Epidemic: The Problem of "Diverted Rising" of Kundalini.
  • Daoist Methods for Kundalini Management.
  • The "Stem Cell" Programming Points on the Human Body, indicated by modern scientific research in conjunction with ancient teachings.
  • Using Polarized energy "Pumps" to create energy balancing.
  • The Daoist system of three "Depths" in the Energy Body -- and how they indicate which Remedies to use for Health issues.
  • Keeping Physical & Energetic Toxins away from the Vital Organs: Daoist mapping of the body's 6 Systems of Toxin Management (showing where to extract toxins hidden in the body.)
  • The original Ancient Egyptian meaning of the word "Merkaba' -- and how it reveals an Alchemical process of Higher Spiritual Development through the human Heart.
  • Relationships between Acupuncture Points of Chinese Medicine and "Marma Points" of Indian Ayurveda.
  • The potentially Deadly phenomena of the "Counterflow of Chi".
  • The "Secret of Three": Energy Trinities throughout the Human Energy Field.
  • Vibrational Quality Testing applied to Activating the Human Energy System.

Advanced Work with Vibrational Stones and Essential Oils

  • Essential Stones to use for Stages of Alchemical Self-Transformation.
  • Stones and Oils for Activating the Blueprint of Destiny on the human body.
  • 7 Methods to make powerful and safe Stone Elixirs.
  • The Critical Difference between Direct and Indirect Elixir methods (and when to use each one.)
  • Best tools (and those to avoid) when making Stone Elixirs.
  • Correct stones to use for dredging energy channels and pulling toxins to the surface for elimination.
  • How to infuse specific Stones and Essential Oils with powerful Cymatics Sound Vibrations.
  • The Power of Jade: Why Chinese Daoists use it both to Practically Create and to Symbolically Represent the highest Spiritual Attainment.
  • How to obtain affordable Jade for personal use.
  • Tips on Navigating Rip-Offs and Artificial Treatments in the Jade market.

Tuition for Intensive Three-Day Seminar:$450
$50+ Early Registration Discount:Only $399 if Registered by January 31.

Receive a special $100 Discount when Registering for both of our February California trainings! Only $599 total, when registering for both events: Karmic Biography  will be held February 11-12 in Sacramento, followed by Blueprint of Destiny February 18 - 20 in Los Altos.

Both classes deal with higher level Initiation knowledge and practices, to help us activate our full Spiritual Potential: to Remember Who We Are, and Why We Incarnated now in this precise Time and Place.

Karmic Biography deals with the higher consciousness practices which allow us to examine our own Biography and Life Cycles in this lifetime, awakening our deepest memory of our true self and purpose.

Blueprint of Destiny teaches the energy patterns in our subtle body we can use to activate our full power and potential, drawing on the deep Initiation knowledge and practices of multiple great world spiritual traditions.

These two classes offer two complementary sides of Higher Awakening: Karmic Biography with the Consciousness Practices and Blueprint of Destiny with the Energy Practices. Either course can be taken just by itself, as a profound stand-alone training; or they can be taken together, to unlock the maximum power and potential of these deep teachings. 

Full Info Here on the Sacramento Karmic Biography training, February 18-20, 2017

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