New 2017 Vibrational Science of Crystals:
Latest Discoveries and Practical Applications

Live in Asheville NC, December 2-3, 2017

Presented by Robert J. Gilbert, Ph.D.

new 2017 vibrational crystals course

Tuition: $350

Join us for a fast-paced weekend filled with Dr. Gilbert's latest research into the Vibrational Power of Stones.

This course will cover the remarkable new discoveries and practical applications developed over the last year (2017), along with concise summaries of key information and techniques presented in previous years.
This new class builds on the material offered in our online class How to Use Crystals and Gemstones, with a wide range of new insights and practical applications.

This new live class features hands-on experience with the Stones described in the training; a major benefit compared to taking an online course.

This is the only scheduled presentation of this course. Register early to ensure a seat, space is limited.

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Latest Discoveries based on Vibrational Research

New Discoveries and Practices You Will Learn in this Course include:

  • Stones of the “Breastplate of Aaron” worn by the High Priest of the Temple of Solomon.
  • Stones of the “New Jerusalem” described in the Book of Revelation: links to the Alchemical Transformation of the Earth.
  • Stones with Alchemical Energy-Transforming Powers.
  • Testing for which Specific Planes and Sub-Planes any Stone’s Energy is naturally active on -- and How to Use that Stone to activate the hidden powers in any person’s energy field.
  • How to Balance disturbances in key Sub-Planes of the Emotional and Mental Planes in a Person or Place, using precise Stones.
  • Stones which are known to the Daoist Masters of China to create Longevity -- and Preserve your core Life Force into Old Age.
  • The Power of Real Jade vs. Fake Jade for high level Esoteric Energy Development.
  • Polarity Pairs: Working with Polar Opposite Stones to create Powerful Energy Currents through the Human Energy Field.


Key Vibrational Applications summarized in this Course include:

  • How to Make and Apply 4 Different Types of Stone Elixirs.
  • The Little-Known Item which Creates the Best Vibrational Infusions.
  • Principles and Methods for the most Powerful Applications of Stones on the Human Body.
  • How to Identify the Most Common Artificial Treatments of Stones -- and Why these Stones can have Disastrous Effects if Applied to the Human Energy System.
  • How to Help Strengthen the Underlying Weaknesses in the Physical Bodies & Energy Fields of Hyper-Sensitive People.
  • How to Help Electro-Sensitive and Environmentally Sensitive People with Specific Stone Applications.
  • How to Choose the Right SHAPE of Stones for Maximum Effectiveness.
  • 3 Stages of Inner Alchemy with Stones: The “Dissolving” Practice.
  • How to use Stone Combinations in a Local Vibrational Earth Grid System.
  • Why the Exact Same Type of Stone found in Different Locations can have Radically Different Energies.
  • How to Identify Stones that grew in Sacred Power Spots vs. Regular Stones.
  • 5 Essential Methods: How to Position Stones to Project their Energy most Powerfully into an Area.
  • How to Create Local Vibrational Vortex Centers by using the Crossing Points of Earth Grids.
  • The Best Stones to Anchor the Transmutation of Toxic Earth Gridlines to Beneficial.
  • European Method to Protect Large Areas of Land with Geometric Castings of Stone Powders.
  • How to Avoid Potential Disaster in Bedrooms and Children’s areas.


New Vibrational Stones You Will Feel and Experience in this Course include:

  • “Rare “Stone Adaptogens” discovered in Vesica Institute vibrational research.
  • Euphoralite from the “Axis of the World” Power Spot in the Black Hills (and the amazing effects of combining different stones from this location).
  • “Ghost Jade” and its Esoteric Power.
  • The Mysterious “UFO” Shaped Stones from Mali - the Secret of their High Centering Vibration.
  • Stegadon Fossils and their hidden “Dragon Power” in Chinese Medicine.
  • Peridot of the Apache Nation - Why this Stone is on both the Breastplate of Aaron and in the Foundation of the New Jerusalem.
  • Chrysoprase for Deep Clearing of Long-Term Toxicity.
  • “Red Amethyst”: Multiple Variations of this rare Power Stone from Morocco and Northern Canada.
  • Garnet and Black Tourmaline - A naturally blended Alchemical Stone from India.
  • The Stone which creates High-Energy Projections of Clearing Power.
  • All natural African Smoky Citrine with Black Tourmaline.
  • Raw Large Sugilite -- the profound Deep Energy Stone which is now Disappearing from the Market.
  • High Yttrium (Rare Earth element) Purple Fluorite.


Completely Natural Stones (which are often Artificially Treated when sold today, without notifying buyers of these harmful Treatments) you will experience in this course include:

  • Topaz
  • Emerald (special Ethiopian)
  • Carnelian
  • Aquamarine
  • Citrine
  • Ametrine
  • Purple Jade
  • And Many More...

Tuition: $350

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