2019 Vibrational Healing with Stones & Minerals

Our Very Latest Practical Applications & Discoveries
November 2-3, 2019 in Asheville NC

Presented by Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D.

Vibrational Crtystals course

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Special Pre-Seminar Workshop on Friday Evening, November 1, 2019 Asheville, NC

This is our most popular annual event, where we teach in detail our very latest methods and research!

We are offering this annual Vibrational Stones update class at the beginning of November this year, rather than our usual early December dates, to make it easier for everyone to attend before the holiday rush.

This year we are significantly expanding this event with:

  • More Hands-On Practices
  • More Detailed Demonstrations of Techniques
  • Larger Event Space, with Expanded Selection of Vibrational Tools & Stones
  • Special 20% off on all Vibrational Stones for attendees at this annual class!

Participants get first pick of our new vibrationally-tested stone discoveries, with rare crystals from around the world.

Also: at our sold-out Summer Conference in June, we introduced a number of new vibrational tools and energetic methods. At this November class, we will review key information on how to use these tools, and then expand into new powerful practical applications.


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Weekend intensive seminar
November 2-3, 2019


I. Stones of the New Millennium.

A key Vibrational Stones concept is that the Earth offers up new crystals at the time they are needed on the planet for healing or activation applications.

At this year's training we will discuss, and directly experience, a wide range of remarkable stones which were only discovered for the first time in recent years.

These stones' powers include:

  • powerful spiritual activations
  • healing deep layers of trauma
  • creating powerful directional energy currents
  • helping to manifest thoughtforms into physical reality.

II. Reclaiming the Lost Vibrational Science of Crystalline Grids.

Expanding further the techniques we initially presented in our Summer Conference, this course will feature multiple hours of hands-on precise methods for creating energy flow, resonance, and stability in effective Crystalline Grids.

Students will be loaned at the course the materials needed to construct and directly experience these powerful BioEnergy Grid patterns.

This Vibrational Grids Section of the Training includes:

  • How to Apply the Essential Geometric "Battery" forms of Stones needed to Energize Grids (and to Activate specific Spiritual Planes with these Batteries).
  • How to Construct three types of Energized Crystalline Grids
    • For the Human Body
    • For Stabilizing & Transmuting Energy Fields in Locations
    • To Manifest Thoughtforms into Material Reality (“Kriyashakhti” methods).
  • How to Use Vibrational Laser Light to Activate Crystalline Grids (and important warnings on the misuse of this powerful technology).
  • Adding Pulsation to Energetic Grids (BioEnergy & External Methods).
  • Combining Advanced Vibrational Tools with Crystalline Grids.
  • Using Sound to Activate and Add New Vibrations to Stones.
  • How to Construct and Stabilize Energy Pathways between Crystalline Elements (an essential principle which is almost always overlooked in modern times).
  • The Stone which helps to organize the activity of all other stones used together in a Formula or Grid.
  • Methods to "Soften" and Merge these Grid Energies with the Energy Fields of Living Beings.
  • Effects of adding Potentized Rosicrucian Stone Elixirs to Physical Crystalline Grids and on Centers of the Human Body.

III. More New Research and Discoveries:

  • New Research and Applications of the powerful "Red Dragon" form of Euphoralite - the Sacred Stone from the Black Hills of South Dakota
  • Powers of the rare, all-natural "Lemon-Lime" Smoky Citrine from Minas Gerais Brazil.
  • New highly advanced applications of the "Life Ether" Purple Fluorite, "Light Ether" Calcite, and Sphalerite from Elmwood Mine, Tennessee.
  • Natural occurring Alchemical Combinations of Quartz with key Healing Stones.
  • Methods of applying Borosilicate and pure Quartz vials of Vibrational Stones to the human energy system.
  • An essential Stone used by Daoists for Teeth issues.
  • Using natural ancient Ammonites as energy projectors.
  • How to Magnify Energy Spots of different sizes in locations.
  • The Power of the rare Tanzanian "Snowy Mountain" Tourmaline.


Register Early and Save $50!
Only $299 for registrations received by October 2nd, 2019
$350 thereafter (if space remaining)


Register for both Trainings Together! Register for both the Vibrational Methods To Detect Energy Effects Of Stones Training and the 2019 Vibrational Healing With Stones & Minerals.


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