Activate Core Life Force & Physical Regeneration

Vibrational Methods with Stones, Metals, and Herbs

February 23-24, 2019
in Sacramento, California

with Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D.

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Tuition: Full Weekend intensive seminar: $350
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We are very pleased to announce this course, which is the first time that Dr. Gilbert has taught this material on the West Coast of the US.

Dr. Gilbert has chosen many of the most important topics and techniques from his recent trainings in Australia and on the U.S. East Coast for this special West Coast event.

This course will feature the latest breakthrough research conducted at the Vesica Institute over the last year, along with easily understood overviews of modern & classical knowledge and practical techniques from Rosicrucian, Daoist, and other great healing traditions.

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Classical Methods & Modern Discoveries

Topics and Practices Include: 

  • Key Stones and Herbs for activating the "Jing" Life Essence (the condensed creative power within life force energy, the source of the physical body and of sexual energy).
  • Stones used by Daoist healers to help Regenerate the Body.
  • Overview of modern medical research discoveries in "Voltage Healing" and core Cellular Repair.
  • Understanding Cellular Repair as body electricity (millivoltage) rather than as chemical pH; how chronic conditions can disappear with increasing cellular voltage.
  • Essential substances needed by the body for Cellular Regeneration (and which common substances destroy Cellular Voltage and prevent Regeneration).
  • Modern medical solutions for MRSA and other antibiotic-resistant infections (and the exact items available to the public which can destroy these deadly pathogens).
  • The key Mineral Solution found in modern clinical research to support core Cellular Repair (and how it is connected to a classical Indian Ayurvedic remedy).
  • Rudolf Steiner and the Rosicrucian Science of Stone Healing.
  • Latest Research into the use of Stone Elixirs for Brain Injury and Cognitive Issues.
  • German Method of Potentizing Stone Elixirs to tremendously amplify their Power (with a special Potentized Amethyst Elixir based on the Rudolf Steiner method available at this event).
  • How to Activate any Energy Center in the Body, through combining specific Stones with Geometric Shape information.
  • Step-by-Step Demonstrations of the exact Vibrational Testing methods used in the Vesica Stone Research.
  • How to Clear any Energy Pathway or Meridians in the Body, using precise Polarity Pairs of stones.
  • New Geometric Forms of Stones now being created by the Vesica Institute: Their Power and Practical Application (with hands-on experiential practices).
  • Natural Alchemies of Zinc, "Light Ether" Calcite, and "Life Ether" Fluorite.
  • New Applications of "Euphoralite" from sacred land in South Dakota.
  • Daoist Stone Strategies for Fertility Issues.
  • The Stones every Pregnant Woman must avoid.
  • Using Stones to Hold and Stabilize Vibrational Information projected into them.


This is a short excerpt from the course:

The "Three Treasures" of Daoism are essential concepts in Chinese Medicine and Internal Alchemy, for cultivating our energy and consciousness to a higher level.

Jing is often translated as "Essence", and sometimes as "Seed" or "Sperm" depending on context. Jing is the creative power behind the physical body.

Chi is often translated as "Vital Force" or "Breath". Chi is the dynamic energy which streams through the body, linked to the breath.

Shen is often translated as "Mind-Spirit". Shen is the emotional-mental-spiritual power in the human being.

In some types of Daoist Internal Alchemy, the Jing is refined into Chi (Essence into Breath), then Chi into Shen (Refining Breath into Spirit), then Shen into union with the Dao (Refining Spirit and Returning to Emptiness).

jing chi shen

Jing and the Kidneys

A major anchor of the Jing (Essence) -- the sexual and reproductive energy, the substantial / dense aspect of core life force which manifests the body-- is the Kidneys. The Kidneys are the source of all creativity, whether physical procreation or the creation of any project, art, etc.

Because this sexual power behind manifesting the physical body is dense, Kidney Yang can stagnate. It needs to be activated from the Heart's impulse / desire to experience life. This connection between the Heart and Kidney is referred to in Daoist Chinese Medicine at the Heart-Kidney axis, which also manifests in our connecting Love in the Heart to our Sexual Energy and Activity from the Kidneys.

Kidney Jing is the basis of our core constitution.
The right kidney is the root of Yang, which is the source of our Wei Chi (the Defensive energy field of the body, which protects us from detrimental external energies). The left kidney is root of Yin which is the substance of Essence / Jing. The energy relationship between the two kidneys carries the Chi to support the internal organs and is also the origin of the triple heater.

The Kidneys are the power behind:

  • Sexual energy, (including Tantric development of higher states through the conscious higher direction of sexual energy and activity);
  • Fertility and reproduction;
  • Advanced alchemical processes and the transmutation of current states of energy into a higher vibrational power, within the alchemical chamber of the human body and consciousness field. These alchemical processes are a higher octave of the sexual union of the Female receptive Yin ovum and the Male active Yang seminal fluid, creating the birth of a new being into the world: the crystallization of pure spirit into matter through the power of the Jing.

In China the Kidneys are associated with the highest diety of Chinese mythology, Shang Ren, who is the power of Chaos - no morals, values, or judgements, no thought of good or bad, so that this is the power through which everything is possible.

The Kidneys are thus the power through which we transcend all of our conditioned thoughts and responses, move beyond our limitations, and are no longer constrained by any concerns about the judgements of society or other people regarding our choices in life.

Kidneys are very yin, related to the quiet of water and winter - their energy is less interested in societal dramas. The emotional issues related to the Kidneys are fear vs. faith and trust.

From a Daoist perspective, one of the most important initial steps on the path of self-cultivation is to restore the Jing as it becomes depleted. All negative influences sap our Jing:  Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking, negative thoughts and emotions, stress, all illnesses in the body. Aging is also a key to depletion of our Jing, which is used up through our life processes over time. In fact, it is not that Aging depletes our Jing, it is that diminished Jing creates aging, degeneration and death.

Longevity and Health are the result of having strong Jing.


Life Vs Death in the Lower Abdomen

The lower abdomen is the energy cauldron in the human body which holds the core life force, but also the body's sewer system which removes death and decay from the body.

Jing is directly related to the vital power which creates and animates the body.
It manifests until puberty as the force that creates the rapid growth of the body from infant to adolescence, and after puberty as the forces of dynamic power, sexuality and reproduction. As long as the Jing is strong, and the person is not suppressing their Jing through negative thoughts and emotions (toxicity from the Shen level) regarding sexuality and the body, the life power in the lower abdomen dominates over the death energy in the sewer system. Society considers these persons to be "sexy" or "hot".

However when Jing declines, for whatever reason, the death forces in the lower abdomen can become dominant. This often begins to manifest through the accumulation of waste products in the lower abdomen (this is related to the "Six Accumulations" or stagnations, especially food accumulation).

Key areas of the body which we can use to activate the energy of the lower abdomen include... (continued in the course manual)



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