BG-EHS Licensed Independent Associate Practitioner Training

May 21-24, 2019 in Asheville, North Carolina

A 4-Day Training Course with Sayed Karim

BG practioner 500

For BG-EHS Applied Skills Workshop Graduates only.
$1200 upon acceptance of application. You will be invoiced.
This is a small class. Seats are very limited

This special event with Sayed Karim is for BG-EHS Applied Skills Workshop Graduates only.

This BioGeometry Environmental Home Solutions (BG-EHS) Independent Licensed Associate-Practitioner Training is being offered on May 21-24, following the BG-EHS Applied Skills Workshop, on May 17–20, which must have been completed to be accepted into this course. This class is also open to students who have previously taken the 4-day workshop as well.

There is a 24-person capacity at this event. Spaces are limited in order to ensure one-on-one applied training with the instructor, Sayed Karim.

This 4-day training builds on the BG-EHS Applied Skills Workshop with the further development of accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness across the four main parts of the BG-EHS process / skills set: Identification and utilization of BG3 Energy-Quality Balancing (BG3-EQB) solutions identification and utilization of environmental BG3 centers (power-spots) to build the most suitable BG3 centers solution for every home environment, identification and utilization of stress gateway points (SGPs), as well as the mapping and specific BG3-EQB of Earth gridlines.

There is both a written and an applied in-class assessment.

Upon successful passing of the two assessments, and subject to the terms and conditions of the BG-EHS Associate-Practitioner License Agreement, BG-EHS Associate-Practitioners are granted the right to commercially offer the Introductory Consultation and Essential BG-EHS service levels solely for existing residential homes to end-clients.



Again, please email your completed Application to no later than April 16th

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