Stones for Vibrational Healing Applications

Activating the Vital Life Force and Precise Energetic Functions

December 1-2, 2018
Asheville, NC 

A New Intensive Training with Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D.

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Tuition: Full Weekend intensive seminar: $350
Register Early and Save $50! Only $299 by October 31.

This is our annual end of the year seminar, where we feature our very latest research discoveries and practical techniques with healing stones!

It is also the only seminar of the year where we make available our best stones we have found over the last 12 months, through extensive hands-on vibrational testing at the largest gem and mineral shows in North America. This year we have many great new discoveries & developments to share, including our now creating our own custom-cut stones here at the Vesica Institute (cut into optimal shapes for practical vibrational applications).

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Complete Details 

Latest Research Discoveries
and Practical Techniques


New Topics and Extensive Hands-on Practices Include:

  • Unlocking the core "Chi" Life Energy in both men and women.
  • Stones for activating the "Jing" Life Essence (the condensed creative power within life force energy, that is the source of the physical body and of sexual energy).
  • How to Clear all Energy Pathways and Meridians in the Body, using precise stones.
  • New Geometric Forms of Stones now being created by the Vesica Institute: Their Power and Practical Application.
  • Step-by-Step Demonstrations of the exact Vibrational Testing methods used in the Vesica Stone Research.
  • New Rare Types of Euphoralite from South Dakota: the Amazing Energy of Natural Magenta and Lilac Vibrational Bands.
  • Natural Alchemies of Zinc, "Light Ether" Calcite, and "Cosmic Cube" Fluorite.
  • Hands-On work with Polarity Pairs of Stones.
  • Stones to Regenerate the Body.
  • Rudolf Steiner and the Rosicrucian Science of Stone Healing.
  • German Method of Potentizing Stone Elixirs to tremendously amplify their Power (with rare Potentized Stone Elixirs based on the Rudolf Steiner method, available for the first time at this event!)
  • Latest Research into the use of Stone Elixirs for Brain Injury and Cognitive Issues.
  • Daoist Stone Strategies for Fertility Issues.
  • The Stones every Pregnant Woman must avoid.
  • Introduction to Stone Strategies used in Daoist Chinese Medicine for supporting people with Cancer (and how the concept of “Heat Toxins” is essential to the Chinese Medicine approach to Cancer).
  • Using Stones to Hold and Stabilize Vibrational Information projected into them.


Short Summary of some Key Information
& Practices from Previous Years

  • The Rosicrucian "Dissolving" Practice to Consciously Navigate through multiple Levels of a Stone -- And to Activate its Core Power.
  • How to Detect Artificial Treatments of Stones.
  • Methods to strengthen the "Defensive Chi" external Energy Layer of the Body (helpful for everyone, but particularly for persons who are highly sensitive to detrimental energies).
  • Stones to Extract Detrimental Vibrations from the Body or Energy Field.
  • Stones to Remove the “Six Obstructions” and Blockages in the Human Body: an Essential Technique of Daoist Chinese Medicine.



Full Weekend intensive seminar: $350
Register Early and Save $50! Only $299 by Wednesday, October 31.



About the Presenter:

Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D. is the Director and Chief Instructor of the Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies, located in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina.  Dr. Gilbert has an extensive background in the healing methods of ancient and modern esoteric traditions, along with a wide range of expertise in multiple fields.  He holds a Ph.D. in International Studies, is a former U.S. Marine Corps instructor in surviving Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Warfare, was the first U.S. instructor for the Clairvision school of Australia, was the first non-Egyptian to become a certified instructor in BioGeometry(R), and has created complete training systems in Spiritual and Vibrational Sciences.  He teaches live courses internationally, in addition to offering a wide range of online trainings to thousands of students all over the world through his website


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