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Vesica Institute 2019 Summer Conference

Regenerating the Human Physical Body and Vital Energies:
Practical Methods and New Technologies

June 8 - 11, 2019 in Asheville, NC

Special Pre-Conference Evening Workshop on June 7

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Full Four-Day Conference (Saturday - Tuesday):
Two Day segments (Saturday-Sunday only, or Monday-Tuesday only): $370
Friday night Pre-Conference Workshop: Introduction to Hands-On Vibrational Testing (includes Neutral Pendulum): $99


Full Conference Tickets Now Sold Out!

A few Friday Night Pre-Conference Workshop tickets still available below.


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We are delighted to announce that this summer we will be offering our first Vesica Institute Conference in over a decade!

We felt the time was right for us to bring the Summer Conference back this year, because of the convergence of powerful Regeneration technologies which are now available and making huge impacts on people's lives, but which many people are not yet fully aware of.

In addition to remarkable new presentations and training segments taught by Vesica founder Dr. Robert J. Gilbert, we have gathered a remarkable array of researchers and practitioners to share their insights.

See Below for full Details!


Complete Details 


Join us this Summer in Beautiful
Asheville North Carolina

Full Conference Tickets Now Sold Out!

A few Friday Night Pre-Conference Workshop tickets still available.


Email us at to check on availability!

Events at the Vesica 2019 Summer Conference:

Note: All specific speakers and topics listed below are scheduled. However as with all live events, these details are subject to change and may be modified.


Friday Night Pre-Conference Workshop

Friday night pre-conference workshop, taught by Vesica Institute staff. 6 - 9:30 PM
"Practical Vibrational Testing methods". (Separate fee for this workshop.)

This special pre-conference workshop is for conference attendees who have no prior experience in Vibrational Testing of the human energy field ("Physical Radiesthesia"). Fundamental skills learned in this evening can be applied during specific practice sessions in the four-day conference.

Attendees will be primarily taught basics of the French "Personal Wavelength" method to test effects on the human energy field, along with a short introduction to the use of the Egyptian BioGeometry® "BG3 Pendulum" which measures the strength of the vibrational quality which balances living energy fields.

Workshop includes a Neutral Pendulum, which students in the workshop can keep. BG3
Pendulums are available for sale at the event.


Saturday June 8 - Sunday June 9

Keynote Presentation:

Vesica Director Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D. on:
12 Essential Keys to a New Vibrational Science of Regeneration

Presenters include:

Dr. Jerry Tennant, author of Healing is Voltage, on:
Methods for Core Physical Healing and Regeneration at the Cellular Level.

Mandara Cromwell, Director of CymaTechnologies and author of Soundflower, on:
Practical Healing with Precise Cymatherapy Sound Codes:  Changes in Physical Structures and Patterns of Vital Energy.

Jennifer Barnds, Vesica Institute Research Director, on:
Repair & Regeneration with Colored Light Frequencies and Geometric Patterns on the Body.

Gary Rowley, Discoverer of Euphoralite, on:
Powerful Negative Ion and Energy Conduction applications of the rare "Euphoralite" minerals from the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D. presentation on:
New Vibrational Healing and Activation Methods with Stones: Sacred Geometry as a Bridge between Electro-Magnetic Energies and BioEnergy.
(Including our first Public Presentation of New Sacred Geometry Stone Patterns & Tools).


Monday June 10 - Tuesday June 11

Presentations by Advanced Practitioners of Daoist Chinese Medicine on:

  • Regeneration and Consciousness Expansion through Stones, Herbs, and the Activation of Energy Points / Channels on the Body.
  • Freeing the "Jing" Core Life Energy into the Lungs and Liver, through Practical Methods to Release the Diaphragm.
  • Daoist Practitioner Panel:  New Discoveries and Techniques based on Practical Clinical Experience.
New Practical Hands-On Training Sections Taught by Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D.:

Reclaiming the Lost Secrets of Regeneration & Manifestation
using BioEnergy "Batteries" with Crystalline Grids

Following the concepts presented in the opening weekend of the conference, these final two days of the conference will feature multiple hours of brand new, hands-on specific methods for creating energy flow, resonance, and stability in effective Crystalline Grids.

Students will be loaned all the materials needed to directly experience and construct these BioEnergy Grid patterns during this extensive section of the Conference.


  • Our First-ever Public Teaching of our New Methods to Activate and Practically Apply Crystalline Grids.
  • How to Construct three types of Energized Crystalline Grids: On the Body, For Locations, and to Materialize Thoughtforms ("Intent" and “Kriyashakhti” methods).
  • How to Use Vibrational Laser Light to Activate Crystalline Grids (and important warnings on the misuse of this powerful technology).
  • The Essential Geometric "Battery" forms of Stones needed to Energize Grids.
  • Hands-On Use of New Sacred Geometry Vibrational Tools, introduced for the first time at this Conference.
  • How to Construct and Stabilize Energy Pathways between Crystalline Elements.
  • Methods to "Soften" and Merge these Grid Energies with the Energy Fields of Living Beings.
  • Effects of Adding Potentized Rosicrucian Stone Elixirs to Physical Crystalline Grids and on Centers of the Human Body.
  • How to Alchemically combine Stones, Metals, Plants, and Animal Products in Powerful Grid Applications.

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